If there is one thing I have realized after being a student at the University of Hartford for four years, is that daging season is all year long. If it is 100 degrees, people will dage in the sweltering heat. If it is 20 degrees out and snowing, people will be daging in snow pants. If it’s raining, people will be day drinking under their umbrellas. If it’s a Wednesday afternoon, people will be daging. If it’s the Sunday after spring fling, people will not be resting, they will be day drinking. Rain or shine, the day drinks at the University of Hartford go on!

Day drinks can be hard to keep up with. You start drinking at 1:00 pm, and go straight through until the sun goes down. At some point, you’re going to get tired. This is when you have to make an important decision; should you take a nap? Or should you continue to drink until 3:00 am? Don’t worry, this article has the answers for you. This is how you survive day drinking at the University of Hartford:

1.It’s never too early to start drinking

University of Hartford brings the saying, “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” to a whole different level. People will start day drinking at 9:00 am - so set your alarm! Once the sun comes out, so does the booze. If you do drink at this time, make sure to pace yourself. Or, you will be asleep by 12 pm, whether you like it or not.

2. No Napping

Do not nap! No matter how badly you want to. Even if your eyelids are shutting while you’re funneling - do not fall asleep! Once you fall asleep, you’re done for. There’s no waking up. Grab a redbull and vodka, and keep going.

3. Dress appropriately

If it’s hot out, wear shorts. If it’s cold out, wear a jacket. If it’s snowing, wear your snow pants. Dress accordingly to the weather so you can have the most fun. If you go back to your room to change, that just leads to napping!

4.Bring Sunscreen

If you’re pale like me, apply sunscreen! There is nothing worse than waking up hungover and with a sunburn.

5.Don’t forget to eat

This is an important one. You can run on an alcohol diet all day - but you must feed yourself! The best thing to eat when intoxicated is, food from the dining hall. It’s a meal swipe, and it actually tastes good when you’re drunk. Absorb the alcohol with a greasy cheeseburger, or slice of pizza.

6.Prepare yourself for the morning

After a long day of non stop boozing, you better prepare yourself for the hangover in the morning. You should have two advil, and a bottle of water waiting for you in the morning. But, make sure it’s actually a bottle of water and not a bottle of vodka!

Most importantly, get ready to day drink again the next day.