If you've ever been on a UCLA tour then you've heard stories of all the movies and TV shows that've been filmed here. "UCLA has been Harvard in movies more times than Harvard has!" said every tour guide ever. But let's be honest, the fact that How I Met Your Mother had a scene filmed in Royce Quad was more than enough to get you to sign your SIR. 

Since my first UCLA tour (which was obviously also when I decided that UCLA would be the school for me) I've taken great joy in watching TV and pointing out to anyone who will listen when UCLA pops up. Seeing Royce, Janss Steps, and the Sculpture Garden on my screen makes my heart happy. Here are some of the stand out productions.

1. Legally Blonde: She didn't go to Harvard. Our favorite fashionista/attorney arrives at Harvard Law School, Bruiser Woods in hand, and looks up to see Kerckhoff Hall. This beautiful building just off of Bruin Walk serves at the backdrop for Elle's registration and first interactions with her fellow law students. Not only is UCLA involved in the film by acting as the set, it is also the inspiration for Elle's undergraduate school "CULA." 

2. Greek: We all watched it in high school and know that we needed to go to college and find out if Greek life is as amazing as this show makes it out to be (SPOILER: it is). We were so invested in the Casey/Even/Cappie love triangle and all the CRU drama that we almost didn't notice that the cast was at UCLA all along. There is even rumors that the events of the show were partly based on the UCLA Greek system. 

3. Chuck: Before Zachary Levi stole the hearts of every teenage girl in the world as Flynn Ryder (an animated character from Tangled) he was a Geeky, spy named Chuck. In this show his brother-in-law was a UCLA alum and a doctor sarcastically referred to by Chuck and his friends as "Captain Awesome." And yes, he was awesome- just as any Bruin is. Aside from constant references, UCLA itself makes an appearance in one episode, but it is said to be the Stanford Campus. Chuck is running through the Sunken Gardens and finds himself in a lecture hall in the Physics and Astronomy Building.  

4. Jobs: This recently released film shows the life of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. Jobs famously dropped out of Reed College, however, in the movie they are actually right in front of Royce Hall and Powell Library.  

Other pictures filmed at UCLA include: Angels & Demons, The House Bunny, Old School, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and more. 

UCLA has appeared in dozens of films and movies and will continue to be featured. Not only is it in the perfect location and always has perfect wether, but it's incredibly beautiful and can add an amazing backdrop to any film. While, it's only a guest star in these films, it will always be the leading lady in our hearts.