Alpha Delta Pi was the second sorority established on UA’s campus in 1907. This chapter is known for being the oldest secret society for college women and was originally founded in 1851. It is such an exciting part of their history to move locations on to Delta Row, into their new establishment.     

Like most older, Greek organizations, this chapter will be moving into their third house on campus. The alumnae referred to the first house the women of ADPi lived in as “the old white house.” The old white house stood until 1967 and was torn down and replaced with the “courtyard house” in 1968. After living in the same location for almost 50 years, the chapter was faced with an issue. The chapter was in need of additional space to house the women, host meetings, and dine.   

The current location on the corner of Magnolia Drive and Paul W. Bryant Drive would not allow the house to expand due to easements. The House Corporation engaged an architect years in advance to define any possibilities of expanding toward Bryant Drive, but the restrictions limited the ability to do so. ADPi decided to make a change and moved locations to the newest addition of sorority row.     

Alpha Delta Pi began their construction process by requesting the proposal in July of 2010. The sorority sold the courtyard house and was able to purchase the house through sorority savings, by selling the old house, Capitol Campaign, and funding by UA bond money. After much anticipation and support from the University of Alabama Construction Administration, the new house was finished by the fall of 2013. At approximately 38,000 square feet, the girls are happy to be home. They said bye bye to old the ADPi house!   

The house has four floors. The main floor is the “public” floor with the dining rooms, formal and informal dining, pool table room, and the location of the house director’s suite along with a guest suite and conference room. The basement is used for storage, and “chapter” specific functions such as the chapter room, an office, mailboxes for the women, and a lounge that is affectionately called the Lion’s den. The next two floors are residential, and are equipped with double rooms, community showers, laundry/snack kitchen, and a study room. There are TV lounges on each residential floor.   

The question of house bills increasing is always asked on UA Cribs, because it's curiously affordable. Alpha Delta Pi has not had an issue with house bills increasing significantly. 

The President of ADPi, Katy Sox claims that “Because ADPi did not have a loan on the house, bills had been kept unusually low. The sorority is more in line with the other on-campus housing.” 

The question still remains if there is a demand for new members. Sox gave a marvelous response by saying “I once heard one of our alumnae say, ‘You want to leave the sorority better than when you became a member.’ To keep a healthy and thriving chapter, quote and total need to be met, yes there is a demand for new members to keep the house at total, Panhellenic-wise.”   

Overall, the women are pleased with their new house and fellowship with one another, eating, and studying with plenty of room. 

“Girls are constantly at the house, and for our out-of-state women it provides a home away from home. It has been vital for chapter meetings to have a new space to meet in. We had to start meeting in Alston the year before we moved into the new house because we simply did not fit in the old house,” Sox said. 

Now that there is plenty of room to grow, the women cannot get enough of the house and spend a lot of time together. The participation and interest of the members and alumnae have strengthened the bonds and traditions of their sisterhood in a glorious fashion. Needless to say, the sisters at Alpha Delta Pi are proud of their new, beautiful home that has positively impacted the chapter morale!