There Are Things You Need To Know About Your Facebook Friends

Yes, we all have different kinds of individuals on our social media, especially Facebook. I'm sure as you're reading this article, you can relate and realize exactly who these people are and shake your head.

1. The "I Have An Opinion About Every Political Candidate Even Though I Don't Even Follow Politics" person.

These kinds of people will start to appear on your newsfeed, usually on Twitter or Facebook, a year before an election. You will see these people tweeting angry posts at the candidate or sharing articles (Fox News, if they're Republicans) with their angry headlines and a couple angry Satan emojis. These kinds of people will also block you if you have an opposing view. Ah, yes. The good old freedom of speech.

2. The "I Have To Make A Post About Every Single Thing That Takes Place In My Life or I Can't Sleep At Night" kind.

These people will appear on your newsfeed so often in such small time intervals that they don't even need to be described. They make themselves very visible to the victims because really, they're always on social media. You can write novels about these people because they don't hide anything from you or their 1,348 friends. You also probably have nothing much to talk to these people about since you get notified about everything with a post anyway.

3. The "I Post My Personal Life and Relationships on Social Media But I Do Not Know Why Drama Never Leaves Me Alone" people.

This is a very different species. Are they single or still dating someone? No trouble. Just type their name and they will show up instantly. Why did they break up? Don't worry, it's probably under their changed relationship status. How to track them? Easy. Their statuses are usually sad heartbroken lyrics of a song, usually followed up by an angsty Taylor Swift song lyric "Got a long list of ex-lovers, they'll tell you I'm insane." Honey, maybe that's because you actually are.

4. The "I Post Random Emotional Pictures And Make Them Relevant To My Life" people.

Yeah, I know. I know that life is hard. But do you really think a picture of an old person at a restaurant relates to you being forever alone? Maybe they went to the restaurant alone because they were annoyed by the people they're surrounded with. Or maybe his/her significant other went to the bathroom. I don't exactly understand why a picture of a person looking out the window could turn into a life lesson, or yet alone even a meaning. But keep doing you.

5. The "I Am an Old Person Therefore I Will Comment On Everything You Post" people. A.k.a. your grandparents/relatives.

Now let's be honest, they seriously make Facebook worthwhile. Their comments are more like emails, really. Where would we be without Martha's comments with every word capitalized? or Aunt Myrtle's comment on our profile picture.


Me: *posts a picture*

Grandma Bertha: Wow U Look Lovely.........How Is Your Mom and Dad Doing? Tell Them I Said Hello.

Me: *deletes picture*

Thanks, guys, but we. are. all. just. one. call. away.

6. The Creeps

This one is pretty self-explanatory. These are the people who you added on Facebook back in 2012, thinking having a lot of people as friends on Facebook was a cool thing. Well, 2016 is proving you wrong. The Creeps are people who comment and like, and usually poke you on Facebook. You will sometimes get weird messages from them that are along the lines of "Hello, beautiful.." or just a random "Hey, stranger." They are very good at making themselves invisible so they're usually ghosts but don't worry....because they are always watching you.

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