Girls... we all know that Tinder is a jungle. There will be some really amazing guys who are cute, funny, and oh wait -- they ruined it. STOP ASKING FOR NUDES! But hey, not all guys are the same. Here's a list of a few of the guys you'll meet on Tinder:

1. The Grade-H Hick

He’s generally not a bad guy, he just might need to cool it with the American Spirit and farmer jokes. I hate hunting and fishing. Stop asking. And no, I don’t think your tractor's sexy.

2. The Christian Grey

Immediately swiped right, but then he started talking. And now I’m scared.

3. The “Pizza” Guy

Literally a slice of pizza. I almost met up with him until I realized he was probably a catfish.

4. The Almost-Perfect Right Swipe

He was a cute guy who was generally funny... until I added him on Snapchat. STOP SENDING NUDES 2K17.

5. The Guy You Swore You Swiped Left On

TINDER WHY? He’s not cute and now he won’t leave me alone. He’s also 53 weeks deep on my Instagram…

6. The Drunk Swipe

Yeah, so I turned my age to 55+. No wonder I’m getting all these super likes…

7. Boyfriend Material

Is that a puppy in his picture, or is that just a hunk of boyfriend material?

8. Catfish

Literally all of your pictures are of celebrities or weird quotes... enough said.

9. Your High School Crush

Yes. It happened. DATE ME PLEASE.

10. That One Guy From High School Who Super-Liked You That You Thought Might Kill Everyone And Now Has A Face Tattoo and A Picture Of His Actual Mugshot

Okay. Maybe it wasn’t quite that extreme, but it’s still a hard pass.

So I guess what I’m trying to get at is that there might be a couple of really great guys on Tinder, but I think I’ll take my chances in some celebrity DMs for now. Jake Miller and Josh Peck... I'll be waiting.