Dating Someone Who Is Good For You Is Self Love

Relationships are a fun part of life. Our partner may be our greatest supporter and the biggest impact on our lives. This person can be your best friend and your confidant, as they should be lifting you up and growing right along with you.

For me, I have a special person in my life who loves me for me and never wishes for anything about me to change. I struggle with self-doubt and worry that my goals are a little bit too high sometimes. My partner knows my hopes and dreams, just as good as he has his own and he encourages me to keep reaching for the stars.

I can remember one time we were talking about life and dreams and I expressed to him that I was worried that my goals might not be achievable for me. I even said that I didn't think that someone like me could even do something like that. My partner leaned into me and said, “You know that I would not change anything about you, but actually I just wish that you would give yourself a little bit more love because you owe it to yourself completely."

Those words spoke magnitudes into my discouraged self at that time. I broke down in tears and hugged him and thanked him for being him and loving me for just being me. I am so thankful that someone like him was brought into my life to pour encouragement and faith into my spirit because the Lord knows that I need that sometimes.

Being with someone who is constantly positive and pushes you to be the best version of yourself is something that you deserve. You deserve love, support, faith, and a partner that pours all of this to you no matter what.

Through the good times and the bad times, this person should be there through it all. It's okay for times to get hard and for temperatures to rise, but it's not okay for your person to discourage you and belittle you while you're already down.

I know that I am not perfect and that I can't fix everything that I don't like about myself. But what is right and what is true is that I can reach my dreams and that the person that is standing next to my side will support me through it all.

After all, I really did realize that his words to me were something that I needed to hear exactly at that time. I was down in the dumps and doubting myself and he picked me right back up and told me that I can do it as long as I show myself some love first.

Right now, this is where I'm at. I'm trying to make myself the best version that I can be and working through the bumps in the road to get to my final stop and I know that no matter what I can get there. But most importantly, I need to love myself first.

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