Miss Hannah Brown has a tough choice ahead of her, as she has one of the best group of guys in Bachelorette History. However, only one of these guys is the newest feminist icon of 2019, and that man is Tyler C.

This week on The Bachelorette, Hannah had a date with golfer Garrett, which involved them going bungee jumping (naked). When Garrett told the guys back at the house about the date, everyone remained fairly neutral, with the exception of Luke P. Luke felt the need to express the fact that he was uncomfortable with the thought of Hannah being physical with anyone who isn't her husband. Not only did Luke express his unease to the other guys, but he also pulled Hannah aside to talk with her about it.

Hannah handled herself well, and it was encouraging to see her continue to stand her ground against Luke P., though she did give him a rose at the end of the week.

Even more encouraging was the scene in which Tyler C. told Luke that Hannah has every right to do whatever she wants with her body. We all know that women don't need men to defend us, and we especially don't need their input when it comes to our bodies, but to watch a man stand up in front of a group of other men and not only defend Hannah, but also call out Luke's hypocrisy and toxic masculinity was amazing. It was also the moment that America realized that the perfect man is out there, and his name is Tyler C.


It's safe to say that if Tyler doesn't win Hannah's heart, he won't remain single for very long. I hope that he'll continue to use the platform that has been given to him to speak positively about feminist issues, and I have a feeling that I won't be disappointed.