Tyler C. Isn't Hannah's Second Choice,
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Tyler C. Isn't Hannah's Second Choice, But She May Be His

Many people are upset with Hannah's decision on who she gave her final rose to. But some are even upset with the fact that when her final rose choice didn't work out, Hannah asked out her runner up.

Tyler C. Isn't Hannah's Second Choice, But She May Be His

Tyler C. has been taking Bachelor Nation by surprise since day one of "The Bachelorette," proving to be the closest to perfect that any man can be. He is sweet, respects women, and isn't afraid to be vulnerable, and his looks are an added bonus.

So Bachelor Nation was shocked when Hannah broke up with him before he could even get down on one knee. Most people didn't understand how she could pick Jed over a man like Tyler, who always seemed to make her smile and make her happy.

Tyler continued to show what an amazing guy he is, by saying he will still support Hannah despite the fact that she broke his heart moments earlier. Even on the couch at After the Final Rose, Tyler continued to show his support of Hannah and how strong and incredible he thought she was.

After Jed' betrayal came to light, and Hannah announced that she broke off their engagement due to his lies, Bachelor Nation had hopes that maybe she would go back to Tyler. This proved to possibly be true when Hannah asked Tyler out for drinks on that couch on live TV.

To many, it may seem like Hannah is just falling back on her runner up after her choice didn't work out. But I don't think that's what she is trying to do.

She made it clear she was falling in love with Tyler up to the end, and even on After the Final Rose, she admitted those feelings haven't gone away. So, therefore, her asking him out for drinks and just wanting to talk to him doesn't seem that crazy.

To me, it seems like Hannah realized what she deserves after being blindsided and heartbroken. It's possible she always saw a future with Tyler, but at the moment, her future with Jed seemed more realistic.

Maybe Hannah is just trying to see if that possible future is still there. She knows Tyler is a great guy and just wants to give it a chance, with no cameras, no group dates, and no more boyfriends to compete with.

Nothing is set in stone for those two. After all, it's just meeting for drinks to talk and hang out. Maybe they both just want some closure. But, if it does turn into something, I know Bachelor Nation, and Chris Harrison will be swooning over those two. If nothing happens, I'm just glad that they are still friendly.

Therefore, I don't think Tyler was a backup plan for Hannah once her relationship with Jed blew up. I think this just chose that Hannah maybe thinks she made a mistake in who she said yes to and maybe wants to rekindle a great relationship with a great guy.

Regardless of what happens with them, I'm proud of Hannah for standing up for herself and not settling for someone who lies to her about his past and his intentions. She deserves all the happiness and she is so strong, so I know she'll make whatever decision is best for her in the end.

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