Why We're All In Love with Tyler C. from Hannah's Season of the Bachelorette
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Why We're All In Love with Tyler C. from Hannah's Season of the Bachelorette

Tyler C. has definitely been a front runner for the entire season and we as the bachelor nation are all in love with him, here's why.

Why We're All In Love with Tyler C. from Hannah's Season of the Bachelorette

I don't know if you were as unsure about the outcome of this season of the Bachelorette as I was, but despite all of my prejudges about Hannah B. I am actually a huge fan of this season. All the guys are great (except Luke P.). One guy in particular really caught my eye right from the beginning and his name is Tyler Cameron. There was just something about him that I wanted to like but also felt like he was a trap. I mean he is 6'2 with a chiseled jaw line and phenomenal bone structure, like one of those guys you see in a movie who does not treat his girlfriend right but drives a really expensive compact sedan that may or may not be a convertible depending on the setting of the movie.


He is a contractor from Florida

I do not know if you recall his intro video but it reveals that he is a general contractor from Jupiter, Florida. He helps build homes, offices, building, etc. Just imagine this, Tyler is building a house outside in the humidity of Florida. It is so hot that he is sweating through his shirt and it is damp. He then decides to take off the shirt revealing his rock hard abs. That is enough for me to love him.


In his spare time he likes to dance

In his intro video he also reveals that he likes to dance. Which is sexy. Again imagine Tyler shirtless and sweat running down his abs while he is dancing in a soon to be built house. HOT. All jokes aside, that fact that he has an interest in dancing reveals that he has other passions besides work. He works such a serious job and his love for dance shows how versatile of a person he is. It shows his fun and more playful side, its hard to find that now a days.


He played college football

That's right, Tyler is a retired college athlete, who pays the bills by building homes and spends his free time in on the dance floor. Honestly he already sounds like my dream man. We only ever see movies where football players are forced to take dance classes in order for them to understand the level of difficulty it takes to create the art form. But we now have one who understands both worlds.



Okay, Okay, I know this one is basic but it's 100% a reason we love him. He has abs and it is amazing. I love abs and I feel like you might too.


The way he talks about Hannah

I do not remember if you recall the episode of the Bachelorette where Luke P. was making it all about him self. I know there are multiple but there was one in particular where Luke got mad at Hannah about her date with Garrett then Luke lowkey slut shamed Hannah. Yeah, well Tyler being the true gentlemen he is put Luke in his place telling him he should be happy that "she's getting out of her comfort zone" or do you remember the time Hannah straight up called him a player and did not know if he was there for the right reasons which he responded by telling her the whole story of why he decided to come and then how he realized he was there for HANNAH after seeing her for the first time. He is such a kind hearted soul and you can tell that he wants love and wants to be with Hannah.

He is a founding member of the ABC Food Tours

He helped start an organization thats helps young children get exposed to different lifestyles in order to teach them that anything is possible. Just watch the video.

Young Explorers - Tour Leader: Tyler Cameron www.youtube.com

He is an educated man

Tyler completed enough courses to receive a bachelor of Arts in Communication from Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Not to mention Wake Forest has an acceptance rate of 30%. Our man is not only beautiful, talented, kind, but he also gots the brains. Post Wake Forest, Tyler went on to get his MBA at Florida Atlantic University as well as continuing playing football. Tyler being a college athlete through both his undergrad and masters degree's show that he has phenomenal time management and we LOVE when guys have it together.



He is an adventurer

In addition to all of this amazingness, Tyler still manages to go out and explore the world. As someone who enjoys the outdoors, going on hikes, the beach, the city, etc. it brings me joy that during his busy schedule he is able to do all these things. Again it shows his phenomenal time management skills, something we can all learn from.


As we approach the end of the season (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU'RE NOT CAUGHT UP), we know that Tyler has made it past hometowns and into all of our hearts. If you're like me, you're hoping that Hannah ends up making the right decision and making Tyler her mans because I think that is what is going to make her the happiest. All we can do is hope, and if Hannah does not choose him then I am hoping for him to be the next Bachelor. He is clearly ready and then we get a WHOLE season of him.

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