The Stress of Having Two Exams in One Day

For anyone who has had two exams on one day, first of all, I am so sorry. It is a terrible experience that truly no one should have to suffer through. However, when it's over, it's the best feeling ever. Here is how this terrible process goes.

1. Which do I study for first?


I guess the harder one? Or maybe the easier one. Wait what if they're both hard?

2. Okay, so the plan is I'm gonna start studying a week before.


*Realizes that is not enough time but still doesn't start until 4 days before*

3. *Starts to stress to the point of tears*


This is before the studying process even starts.

4. Ok, I have to get it together right now.


2 more days until 2 exams, I should probably start studying now.

5. *Studies until point of crashing*


Time to take a study break and watch 5 hours of Netflix to heal my brain.

6. *Exam Day*


The dreaded day is here, time to have 4 panic attacks and call mom 3 times.

7. Post-exams


Time to crash. Brain = dead.

I hope this progression never happens to you, and if you got anything from this, start studying earlier than I did.

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