Why Twisted Xs Are Actually The Best Shoes Ever

Why Twisted Xs Are Actually The Best Shoes Ever

They're basically industrial house slippers.

While I've seen the Chaco debate time and time again I've never really weighed much in. I've never owned a pair, sandals just aren't my thing. Instead I constantly turn to my personal favorite shoes I own; my Twisted X's. Let me tell you why Twisted X shoes are actually the best purchase you will ever make.

1. They're some of the most comfortable shoes out there.

I can wear these and be on my feet all day and still feel fine at the end of the day, that's quite an accomplishment. They're kind of like an industrial house slipper.

2. You can wear them everywhere.

Doing chores outside, in the show arena, out with friends or just running errands; chances are you'll see me in my Xs.

3. You can wear them with anything.

Boots, jeans, khakis or a sundress. They look enough like Sperrys to still be cute. You can believe those are some Xs with my romper, no shame.

4. They combine the best of boots and shoes.

Thick soles and great traction like boots, easiness and comfortability of shoes. What more could you want?

5. They last forever.

You can wear them for ages and they'll still stay true. But you'll probably love them so much you'll still end up with a second or third pair.

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8 Things You Didn't Know You Needed Until The Semester Started

Belated college essentials.

After you have endured your first semester of college, there are essential things you start to realize you, unfortunately, left off of your enormous shopping list in the beginning. This semester is your chance to get it right.

Ranging from subscriptions you should be on the lookout for to items that seem so minuscule until you actually need them, this is a list of belated college essentials I have compiled for you.

1. Amazon Prime

Free two-day shipping, access to Amazon video, and it’s free for the first six months? What better way to spend money that you don’t have?

2. The Spotify premium/Hulu package

THIS IS A GODSEND. Music streaming and show streaming, a match made in heaven. All for just $5 a month because you’re a student.

3. Water filter

After alternating with my roommate and literally buying a case of water for our room every other week, we decided we’d rather not spend our hard earned coins on buying a 24 pack of water bottles so often when we can have an unlimited supply in our floor sink.

The problem with that was I’d rather die than drink tap water from the sink of the very bathroom that I won’t even walk barefoot in. So, we bought a Brita filter and have been happy and hydrated ever since.

4. Air Wick plugin

Whether it be the scent of sleep sweat or whatever flavor of wings you decided to try last night for dinner, dorm room smells are a thing. They are those smells that become “one with the room” if you don’t do something about it. That perfect and efficient something is an Air Wick plugin. They are the best on the market for the simple fact that they actually WORK (screw you Glade).

Ever since getting one of these (the Fresh Laundry scent aka an actual slice of heaven) the first thing people comment on when they walk into my dorm room is how good it smells.

5. Ramen

STOCK UP ON EXTRA RAMEN. I cannot say it enough. Do it for undergrad culture if not for your own benefit. I came into the semester thinking one case was going to be enough. I then visited home and miraculously came back with 3 more cases. On those days when you just don’t want to leave the comfort of your dorm to find something remotely edible in the dining hall, Ramen will be there for you.

6. Baby wipes

Trust me, they come in handy. A little on the personal side, sometimes there’s a level of clean that toilet paper just cannot get you. They are also great for freshening up in the middle of the day when all that sweat starts to build up. Hygiene is still important ladies and gents!

7. Bluetooth speaker

Sometimes, listening to your music at a normal volume is not enough. A portable Bluetooth speaker is also great for outings, small parties, or just on the go beats.

8. Batteries

Simple, right? Wrong. We use so many things that are battery operated (mostly toiletries) and forget that completely until the batteries in your electric toothbrush are dead and you’re forced to do it the manual way (honestly, boohoo). My roommate and I each bought huge packs of different batteries (triple and double) and have them on hand for whenever the moment comes.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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4 Good Reasons To Save The 5 Cents For Your Plastic Grocery Bag

BYOB: Bring your own bag.

If you live in Suffolk County, New York, I am sure you have shopped and been asked, "Would you like a bag? It's five cents."

While working in a drugstore, I get asked, questioned, maybe even cursed at, to why customers need to spend five cents on a plastic bag. I am sure those who work in retail or even the buyer can be frustrated in this new law passed by Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone. I understand it could be an inconvenience when you are shopping in bulk. However, it is possible to shop while using reusable bags. Here are some tips that can help your shopping experience if you want to avoid the five cent fee!

If you have an Amazon.com account or an online shopper like me, I suggest these alternatives when avoiding the fee!

1. Buy a reusable bag

On Amazon.com, these biodegradable bags are sturdy and are able to hold a good amount of your goods while you do other shopping!

2. Try to avoid in-store bags

Bags that are offered in a store, are usually more expensive. But, most customers refuse to pay the 5 cents on a plastic bag but will pay $2.99 on a cheap reusable bag that will break. I have bought reusable bags from stores as I was in the mall and they DO NOT hold any merchandise more than once. The goal in using reusable bags is using it more than once. Do your research!

3. Amazon is your bestfriend

When you need to buy anything you can think of, Amazon.com will sell it. Whether it is fresh foods, underwear, or even makeup brushes, you can order these items and have them shipped to your house without being charged a plastic bag fee. You do receive a sturdy box that can be useful for storage, so don't throw away the cardboard box.

4. Recycle your plastic bottles

If you cannot be bothered with online shopping, when carrying reusable bags, you can pay the price. By recycling, you can dispose of your plastic properly and buy a plastic bag and reuse it accordingly. Most people buy water bottles, get charge the price for bottle deposits, and throw away their bottles. Instead, you can recycle your plastic bottles and not feel to bad when you are faced with the five cents charged.

Reusable bags help the environment by helping wildlife not be exposed to pollution and possible clogging in drains. Keep in mind when you get a prescription, a plastic bag is exempt. Also, when you buy from fast foods and restaurants, consumers are not charged the fee.

Reuse and recycle has been thrown in our face since we were little. It is time to put those nursery rhymes in effect and help the environment one step at a time!

Cover Image Credit: Unplash

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