While I've seen the Chaco debate time and time again I've never really weighed much in. I've never owned a pair, sandals just aren't my thing. Instead I constantly turn to my personal favorite shoes I own; my Twisted X's. Let me tell you why Twisted X shoes are actually the best purchase you will ever make.

1. They're some of the most comfortable shoes out there.

I can wear these and be on my feet all day and still feel fine at the end of the day, that's quite an accomplishment. They're kind of like an industrial house slipper.

2. You can wear them everywhere.

Doing chores outside, in the show arena, out with friends or just running errands; chances are you'll see me in my Xs.

3. You can wear them with anything.

Boots, jeans, khakis or a sundress. They look enough like Sperrys to still be cute. You can believe those are some Xs with my romper, no shame.

4. They combine the best of boots and shoes.

Thick soles and great traction like boots, easiness and comfortability of shoes. What more could you want?

5. They last forever.

You can wear them for ages and they'll still stay true. But you'll probably love them so much you'll still end up with a second or third pair.