Welcome to the first edition of Twin Takeover. It has yet to be announced or determined by the writer of this Odyssey account whether or not there will be further editions, but let’s enjoy it while we can, shall we? If you haven’t caught my drift and/or are a little slow (bless your heart), this is not the normal writer of this account, it is her twin.

I’m Sophia. My job is to give you some insight on what twin life (specifically identical twin life) is truly like. Sure, Hollywood has made some decent attempts with Lindsey Lohan, Mary-Kate and Ashley, and Cole and Dylan Sprouse, just to name a few. These lack something, though. The nitty gritty, real-life struggles and perks of twin life.

Brace yourself, I’m about to spill the beans.

Being simply referred to as “twin"

I get it, I do. It seems easier if you don’t know who is who to say “hey twin,” but it’s not cool. We have a name just like you. We also really appreciate it if you put forth an effort to figure out how to tell us apart. We aren’t harsh, we give A’s for effort if you get it wrong.

That feeling you get when your friends can tell other people the exact differences AND can tell you apart by your voices

There’s nothing more liberating than feeling like your own person.

When people make a game out of telling who is who in real life, as well as on social media

“Hey look at this picture on Instagram, and see if you can tell which twin is which” or “hey stand next to each other while we argue about who is right”There are a 50/50 shot people.

People doing double takes in public

To be completely honest, we’re used to the staring. It’s been happening for almost nineteen years. It doesn’t bother me. We have the same face, it’s really fine.

Twin Fights

Twin fights are a thing. Yes, we have called each other ugly. Yes, we have taken each other down like an episode of WWE. Sorry about slinging that cell phone cord at you that left a nasty scar, sis. Yes, we argue just like any other siblings. The difference is, these fights last all of five minutes. We can be yelling at each other over a pair of jeans one minute, and laughing at how dumb we are the next.

Sharing everything but a toothbrush

It’s true what you hear, we share everything. Clothes, shoes, makeup, accessories, and even birthdays (yes, we have been asked that). This is quite a nice perk, we have double everything. But sometimes, you just DON’T want to share.

Being in college together, but not taking the same classes = classmate confusion

Walking around and seeing a random person smiling and waving at me is not out of the ordinary. Especially at the beginning of the semester when classmates don’t know there’s two of us. No, no I don’t know what the homework is in Business Law. Why? Probably because I’m an education major.

“Are you like the same person?”

No. No. NO. We are definitely not. We have the same DNA, yet we have different interests, clothing style, food preferences, physical characteristics, and personalities.Anyonewhohasbeenaroundtwins for an extended period quickly realizes this. We are so similar, yet so different. We even speak differently.

Not wanting to try something on in the store, but your twin offers to do it for you

Sometimes dressing rooms aren’t fun, but when you have a clone that can do it for you... #winningatlife

Always turning heads when we hear each other’s name

I obviously know what my name is but if I hear my sister’s name, my head is automatically going to turn. Not because I’m nosey (maybe a little) but more so because I want to make sure they aren’t trying to get my attention instead.

“OMG, you guys just said the same thing, at the same time ”

It happens pretty often. No, we don’t have twin telepathy, but we have lived together for nineteen years. Therefore, we have a lot of the same thoughts, and sometimes it just comes out at the same time. So impressive, I know.

Twin protection is real

Being able to tell each other everything

Nothing is off limits. At the end of the day, we know we have each other’s deep dark secrets hidden far, far away.

There are struggles to being a twin for sure, but I would say with full confidence that the good outweighs the bad. People ask what is it like to a twin, and the truth is, I don’t know what it’s like to NOT be a twin. I don’t know what it’s like to not have someone to do life with 24/7, and I sure do not want to find out.

I love my built-in best friend.