Growing up as a twin. Hm people have a lot of misconceptions of what that is like. The truth is it's just like having any sibling, there are ups and downs. You're best friends one day and fighting the next. But the thing with having a twin is that you are constantly told what other people think being a twin is all about (even though they have no idea) and it really can get quite annoying. But at the same time you love every minute of being a twin. I’ll start as to why it is so irritating sometimes.

You literally have to share everything and I mean everything

A room, a closet, an allowance and let’s not forget sharing a birthday. Most people will say that’s awesome you have someone to share a birthday with. But I never quite enjoyed this. Not to sound greedy of course but you get a lot less when you share a birthday with someone especially a Sweet 16, you’ll get half as many gifts as you would if you were just having a party alone.

People assume just because you say you’re an identical twin means you look exactly alike

People assume you like being told you look alike and no one can tell the difference between you guys, and you know what some twins do look exactly alike. But in scientific terms Identical merely means they developed from a single fertilized egg that split in two as opposed to Fraternal which are two separate fertilized eggs. Right off the bat people will say so people must get you mixed up a lot. But once you show them a picture they’re like yeah I guess you do look different.

So can you read each others minds and feel each others pain?

No, we cannot, I don’t know what human can lol. Would that be awesome? Yes. But unfortunately that will never be a thing.

People assume you’re literally the same person

Like the same person. “So you guys must act alike” and honestly my sister and I live very different lives and have very different perspectives on things. Different sense of humor, different sense of style, just different personality in general.Two completely different personalities.

People will call you by your twins name on accident or on purpose

Everyone would always get a rise out of seeing either my sister and I in the hallway and calling us by the wrong name. Now some people would do it on accident because from a distance my sister and I look somewhat alike. But others would say it and then laugh their way down the hallway.

Now like I said it’s not all that bad having a twin. Sometimes it can even be fun! Here are some reasons why:


Shoes, shirts, pants you name it! It was like shopping without leaving your home which was pretty awesome. “Oh you just bought that, can I borrow it” Saves you some money in your wallet.

You can mess with people

I will admit that my sister and I have the same voice pretty much in person and on the phone. So when were together and call someone they can’t tell the difference over the phone. Only people who really know you will know which one is which.

It’s funny when you say things at the same time

No we can’t read each others minds but I guess sometimes we’re just thinking the same thing and the same time and want to respond to someone with the same clever remark. One time we were playing Cards Against Humanity and my sister put down two cards for me to read and we started cracking up and just kept repeating what the cards said (no one understood the humor).

You teach each other to be better people

How do we do this you ask, well even as twins and being in the same age group we still go through different experiences in life and we can pass this knowledge onto each other.

You’re never alone because your best friend is just one call away

Self explanatory.