The Twin Cities Guide to Birthday Freebies
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The Twin Cities Guide to Birthday Freebies

Make the best out of your birthday

The Twin Cities Guide to Birthday Freebies
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As my 21st birthday approaches as a broke college student I will take any free thrill I can get.

In the surrounding area of the Twin Cities I have found awesome places where you can get freebies for you birthday! Why not be spoiled with freebies on your day of celebration. Listed below are many restaurants and cafes, ice cream shops that will give you free breakfast, lunch/dinner, drinks and desserts. For most of these deals you will have to sign up for some type of rewards card. Enjoy the countless options of free foods.


1. Perfect way to start out your birthday with a free stack of pancakes from IHOP.

2. With ID Denny's gives out a free birthday Grand Slam.

3. Receive a free bagel and cream cheese on your birthday with Bruegger's rewards.


1. Minnesota is known for its famous Juicy Lucy. 5.8's Club is home to one of the original Juicy Lucy's! If you sign-up for their eClub membership you will receive a free dinner.

2. When you join Noodles & Company's EClub you receive a free dish on your birthday.

3. Get a complimentary appetizer or dessert on your birthday by signing up for their eClub from Olive Garden.

4. Receive a free birthday gift card at Buca di Beppo when you sign up for their rewards.

5. Get free wings on your birthday if you sign up for Buffalo Wild Wing's rewards.

6.Have a free birthday plate, Dim Sum, or a dessert with P. F. Chang rewards.

7. Receive a free birthday drink and appetizer Pei Wei Asian Dinner.


1. Caribou Coffee is a Minnesotan made coffee franchise that has been around since the nineties. If you sign up with their rewards you receive a free complimentary drink on your birthday.

2. A&W All American Food will give you a free root beer float on your birthday fi you join Mug Club.

3. Download the Dunn Bros Coffee app to receive a free $5 on your birthday.


1. Get a free Blizzard on your birthday at Dairy Queen signing up for the Blizzard Fan Club.

2. A free slice of pie on your birthday at Perkins when you sign up for their E-club.

3. If you sign up for Menchie's mySmileage rewards program and receive $5 towards frozen yogurt on your birthday.

4. Free birthday dessert or entree on your birthday if you sign up for Applebee's rewards.

5. Have a free peice of pie on your birthday with Baker's Square rewards.

6. Join Cold Stone Creamery's eClub and receive free ice cream.

7. Free custard on your birthday with Culver's rewards.

8. Get a free birthday frozen yogurt with Pinkberry loyalty rewards.

9. Free BOGO coupon for any pretzel when you sign up for Auntie Anne's Pretzels rewards.

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