5 Reasons ‘Interview With The Vampire’ Is Superior To ‘Twilight’
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5 Reasons ‘Interview With The Vampire’ Is Superior To The Overhyped 'Twilight'

Boy, I have never seen such beautiful creatures in my life and not to mention, very hot male vampires.


I have been told by many people that "Twilight" is the best vampire movie.

They are wrong.

The best vampire movie of all time is "Interview with the Vampire." Based on Anne Rice's gothic horror and vampire novel, this movie focuses on the transformation of Louis de Pointe de Lac (played by Brad Pitt), who has been bitten by a vampire named Lestat (played by Tom Cruise). The film centers on their time they spent together, even taking in a 10-year-old girl named Claudia (played by Kirsten Dunst), who has been turned into a vampire by Louis.

Let me share five reasons why this movie is worth watching than "Twilight."

1. The vampires are aesthetically beautiful to look at

Boy, I have never seen such beautiful creatures in my life and not to mention, very hot male vampires. Their long mane and their white pale faces were so alluring! The extravagant and lavish clothing makes them so ravishing! Brad Pitt has never been more handsome with his brown mane and that sad expression of his. Plus, I didn't expect Tom Cruise to be so sexually attractive with that golden mane and that playful smirk of his! Even Armand, played by Antonio Banderas, was so enticing to look at with his long black hair and his captivating brown eyes.

2. Kirsten Dunst shares her first kiss with Brad Pitt

The unexpected romance between Claudia and Louis has us mesmerized. Claudia plays as the adopted daughter of Lestat and Louis. However, Claudia learns that she will never grow old and will never the body of the full mature woman she so desires. Angered by this, she comes to hate Lestat and kills him. After, she escapes with Louis. Their love for each other grew from pure parental love to a romantic one. After Claudia finds out that Louis is willing to stay with another vampire named Armand, she grows jealous and forces Louis to turn a mortal woman named Madeline into a vampire so that Madeline will become her new protector and guardian. Louis complies to Claudia's wishes and turns Madeline into a vampire. Disheartened, he reclines next to Claudia and Claudia leans in to give him a kiss.

3. There is COMEDY

"Twilight" is always serious all the time unlike "The Interview with the Vampire," which has a few comedic scenes. One scene, in particular, is when Louis ravenously seduces an aristocratic old woman but tries to stop himself from drinking her blood and killing her. However, the old woman's pet poodles watch them and just keep on barking. Unable to withstand his hunger any longer, Louis grabs the poodles and feasts on their blood, thus killing them. The old woman weeps for her pets' deaths so hysterically, we couldn't help but giggle at such an incident. Another scene is when Claudia drinks the blood of her piano instructor. When Lestat sees this, he reprimands her a bit but immediately changes into a loving father when he says he will teach her instead and scooches away the piano instructor's dead corpse down from the chair.

4. You actually feel very bad for these vampires

From "Twilight," we learn that vampires never age and loathe of what they are. To be honest, I really don't have any sympathy for any of the vampires in "Twilight" As for "Interview with the Vampire," the movie does very well in creating dimension in the vampires' motivations, thereby earning our empathy and sympathy. Before becoming a vampire, Louis was a depressed man after losing his wife and child. He wanted to die but could not find the courage to kill himself. Then Lestat comes in and gives him immortality, cursing Louis to live forever which he didn't want in the first place.

Lestat, although being the antagonist, only wanted friends and even a family even being so alone. He becomes truly happy when he gains a companion and then becomes giddier when he and Louis take in Claudia. After Claudia kills him in cold blood, we cannot help but feel bad for Lestat for he only wanted something that is inevitably unattainable by vampires: love. When Claudia learns that she cannot age and is stuck in her child form, we immediately understand her desire to attain the full-grown female body which can give her access to many things like maturity, femininity, and sexual passion.

5. There is a plot twist

We learn that Lestat is alive in the end. The last time we see Lestat is when Louis finds him living in an abandoned mansion, in recluse. Lestat begs Louis to stay with him but Louis rejects him and leaves him. This is the last time he sees Lestat, Louis tells to the interviewer. The interviewer becomes obsessed with the idea of living as a vampire and urges Louis to turn him into one. Louis becomes enraged with the interviewer, telling him that the interviewer has not been paying attention at all to the whole purpose of the interview, which is to caution people of the misery and suffering as a vampire. Louis then disappears, leaving the interview distraught. When the interviewer goes to his car, he is attacked by Lestat, who drinks his blood and offers him the choice of becoming a vampire.

Although I am a not big fan of vampires, "Interview with the Vampire" is by far my favorite vampire film. I strongly recommend this movie to those who love vampires and goth.

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