Twilight Is The Reason Dating Sucks In 2018
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‘Twilight’ Is The Reason Millennials Can’t Have Normal Relationships In 2018

Thanks a lot, Stephanie Meyer.

‘Twilight’ Is The Reason Millennials Can’t Have Normal Relationships In 2018

This year, we're celebrating the 10th anniversary of the tragedy that we all know as the Twilight Saga movies. Remember geeking out at every single midnight premiere? Or arguing with your friends over the Edward vs. Jacob rivalry? Yeah, me too.

In the spirit of celebrating this weird cult fan fiction from our younger years, my roommates and I recently decided to re-watch the entire series, not only re-living the cringe of every scene but finally noticing how truly messed up the Bella/Edward/Jacob love triangle is.

Why can't millennials have normal relationships? "Twilight." It was always "Twilight."

I mean… think about all the horrible relationship examples that the series showed us:

1. Having no social competence to have conversations with love interests

Arguably the most cringy scene in the entire series.

 2.  Edward and Jacob’s collective idea that Bella can’t live without either of them

To both Edward and Jacob, Bella's an object that belongs to them.

3. Dumping someone and abandoning them in the woods

"We're breaking up. And I'm leaving you in the forest."

4. Doing creepy things like, I don’t know, breaking into people’s homes and watching them sleep

As you do.

5. Bella is willing to do anything dangerous or violent for Edward

Remember how she put herself in all those life-threatening scenarios in 'New Moon' after Edward left? Like hanging out with that group of rapey dudes and jumping off a cliff? Yeah.

6. Bella gets married at 18, despite the fact that she’s in love with two different guys and doesn’t really know what she wants 


7. The standard that a woman has to change everything about herself to be compatible with a guy

She literally gives up her MORTALITY and uproots her entire life for Edward.

8. Isolating your partner from their family and loved ones

Poor Charlie.

9. Normalizing physical abuse on top of psychological abuse

Even though Edward threw Bella into a wall and horribly bruised her body during sex, she's cool with it.

10. Bella is completely incapable of being a self-sufficient, independent woman 

Thanks, Stephanie Meyer, for planting that idea in all our heads as teenagers.

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