20 Little Things You Can Do To Make Someone's Day
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20 Little Things You Can Do To Make Someone's Day

One little act of service can go a long way.

20 Little Things You Can Do To Make Someone's Day

There are some people in the world who are super service oriented. Good for them, but a that’s not my mindset. It’s definitely something I am working towards, but it isn’t my first thought to go out and help someone. I guess also in my mind when I think of serving others, I think of huge projects like painting a house or helping someone move. In reality, you can serve someone just by saying hello.

So I came up with 20 super easy things you can do to make someone’s day.

1. Write a note

2. Say hello

3. Bring someone flowers

4. Listen

5. Pay for someone's meal

6. Make them dinner when they are sad

7. Hold the door open for people

8. Bring someone ice cream

9. Mow your neighbor’s lawn

10. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while

11. Offer someone a ride home

12. Compliment a stranger

13. Be aware of other’s needs

14. Make your roommates bed

15. Hold the elevator

16. Smile

17. Say thank you

18. Leave a nice tip for your waiter/waitress

19. Say Good Morning

20. Just be kind

The world could use more happiness, so be the one to spread the light.

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