12 Signs You Are The "Buddy The Elf" Of Your Friend Group
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12 Signs You Are The "Buddy The Elf" Of Your Friend Group

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear.

12 Signs You Are The "Buddy The Elf" Of Your Friend Group

Everybody has their own opinion on Christmas. Some do not celebrate it, while others celebrate it to different extremes. Christmas has lost its magic to many adults, but some are just as excited for it as if they were still a child. If you can relate to any of these, chances are that you are the Christmas-spirited, "Buddy the Elf" of your friend group.

1. You are well into adulthood and still get excited when you see Santa in the mall

2. You look forward to decorating the tree as soon as Halloween ends

3. You freak out when you see snow, because it adds to the Christmas spirit

4. You have a smile plastered on your face for the entire month of December

5. You instantly form a special bond when you meet another Christmas-obsessed person

6. Your December diet consists of Christmas candy

7. You blast Christmas music every chance you get

8. Your compliments are related to Christmas

9. ...and so are your insults

10. You will not rest until you find the perfect gift for each person on your list

11. You can find Christmas spirit in just about anything

12. You often feel that you have more Christmas spirit than kids

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