Twas the night before the election when all through the house

Not an Obama was stirring, not even a mouse.

The ballots were made and carefully protected

In hopes that a good President would soon be elected.

The voters were nestled all snug in their beds

While visions of leadership danced in their heads.

Clinton in her pant suit and Trump in his tie

America settled down before the day some of us wanted to cry.

When through the 50 states there rose such a clatter

We all rose to see what was the matter.

Clinton and her emails, Trump and his words

America felt completely disturbed.

Now Trump! Now Clinton!

Now Pence and Kaine!

On Johnson! On Stein!

On Independents and write-in names!

To the top of the polls! To the top of the seat!

America, the great, couldn’t wait to see who had been beat.

The scandals and debates all burned in our brains

We wondered if our neighbors had joined the Trump train.

This election gave a fright and the conventions were becoming a blur

Did my Facebook friend really just write “I’m with her?”

America was confused and really upset,

How did we get stuck with these guys as our two main candidates?

Some of us really worried, we dropped to our knees

We got down to pray hoping Jesus would send the right one our way.

With knowledge in our brains and now comfort in our hearts

We said an “amen” and were soon tucked away.

We were now a little more prepared for this election day.

“Happy voting to all, and to all a goodnight.”