TV Shows For A Little Extra Drama
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TV Shows For A Little Extra Drama

TV nowadays is all about drama, so a few suggestions to help weed through the bad ones can go a long way.

TV Shows For A Little Extra Drama

There are thousands of different genres of TV shows today, and I have found myself being caught up in way too many of them. Every time a new one comes out that looks good, I have to start watching it. It seems like there's a new one coming out every week. I don't want to miss out on something good, but now it seems like I never have any time to watch them all. Here is a list of some TV shows you really should get into and, if you don't, you're missing out on all that life has to offer.


"Are You The One" is a reality TV show aired by MTV. They are currently on season four. This show is a dating game show where when you first sign up for it, take these tests of all your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Other people who sign up for the shows take the same test and a computer matches you to another person who is your perfect match. Throughout the show, the players compete in challenges to win a date, and then the rest of the people in the house have the choice of voting for three different couples to send into the truth booth to see if they chose their perfect match.

If they are a perfect match then they go to the honeymoon suite until the show is over, and if they aren't a match they have to stop hanging out with each other and start talking to new people. Sometimes people get too attached and refuse to stop hanging out with the one that's not their match. This show is full of drama and is worth getting into.

2. The Challenge

"The Challenge" is another reality show played on MTV. This season they are currently on "The Challenge: Rivals 3," and each season has a different plot. The point of this is a game show competition. You get paired up with someone depending on the theme of the show, and you do competitions everyday. The winner of the day chooses two teams to compete against the loser of the competition, and who ever loses this battle is sent home.

The theme for this season is rivals, so the host of the game show has paired everyone up with someone that they are enemies with. Throughout the show they have to work together as a team, and some of them even repair friendships that were broken. On the other hand, some of the enemies just can't figure out how to work together and don't work their issues out. In past seasons, the themes have been battle of the exes, which means they were paired up with an ex, and battle of the bloodlines, which means they were paired up with a relative. The competitors they normally choose for this show are people who were on the shows "Real World" and "Are You The One."

3. Chicago Fire

"Chicago Fire" is a show played on NBC. Season five airs back up in October. This show is one of my favorites and has you on edge every episode. Each episode, it shows the life of the cast members and struggles they go through, as well as them being called to help someone out. I love this show because there is always something new each episode. No rescue scene has been repeated yet. There are two other Chicago type shows that intertwine with this show sometimes. They are called "Chicago Med," which is about a hospital and patients they take care of there, and "Chicago PD," which is about the police department and cases they have to solve. These shows are all fictional.

4. Scream

"Scream" is another MTV show and is currently on season two. It is based off of the movie "Scream" where there is a killer. Throughout the show people keep dying, and there are police officers investigating to figure out who the killer is, as well as teenagers who are trying to figure out who is killing their friends and family. This show also plays on Netflix, so if you don't have time to watch it while it's on TV, it comes on Netflix after the season ends. This is a thriller, so if you don't like scary movies but like action, then this show is something for you. It is also full of drama and some love scenes.

I know I barely have enough time to watch TV but there are apps you can download for each TV station specifically that you can watch on your phone. Each of these shows are entertaining and worth getting into.

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