TV Shows To Keep You Entertained When Summer Gets Boring
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TV Shows To Keep You Entertained When Summer Gets Boring

Summer is fun for a while, but eventually you'll get bored.

TV Shows To Keep You Entertained When Summer Gets Boring

Summer is a time to catch up with old friends and do activities that you can't do while away at college. But there are times where friends get annoying and you want to just read a nice book. But who reads books nowadays? So here are five Netflix shows I recommend you watch over the Summer break.

"The Office"

A personal favorite of mine, "The Office" is one of the funniest shows on Netflix with its dry humor and quirky remarks throughout the nine seasons. This is a show where I have learned that you either love it or hate it and I am on the love side. Michael Scott, played by Steve Carrell, is one of the most unique characters in all of TV history with his terrific ability to make situations extremely awkward and uncomfortable.

"Parks and Recreation"

I didn't start watching this show until it was on Netflix. A friend recommended it to me and it did not disappoint. I watched all seven seasons in one week (I had strep throat, get off my back). Tom Haverford, played by Aziz Ansari, and Ron Swanson, played by Nick Offerman absolutely kill it in every season. Personally, I'm not a big Amy Poehler fan, but the characters of Tom and Ron override my disinterests of Poehler.


Like Parks and Rec, I never watched this show on TV, but when I discovered it on Netflix I absolutely crushed it. It premieres an all-star cast filled with attractive women and hilarious guys. Like the shows above the episodes are a little over 20 minutes long giving you no reason to keep pressing, "Yes, I'm still watching."

"How I Met Your Mother"

Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) might be the worst character ever but Marshall (Jason Segal) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) pick up his slack. It is filled with laughs and feelings of frustration because Ted Mosby is the worst kind of person.

"House of Cards"

I can't put words together to describe how insane this Netflix Original is. It stars Kevin Spacey who plays the character of Frank Underwood who is a legit psychopath. The only problem with this show is that the episodes are a little lengthy, but if you don't want to get out of bed all day then this is the show for you. Also, I like to think it's based on a true story of someone in our current American government. Probably isn't but one can dream.

So go outside and hang out with friends. But when you're over that, these shows will keep you entertained.

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