Shows That Didn't Deserve To Be Cancelled
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Shows That Didn't Deserve To Be Cancelled

It's all fun and games having a show to love, until it gets cancelled.

Shows That Didn't Deserve To Be Cancelled

In response to 5 Must Watch Shows That Are Just As Good As The Office

Finding a new show to love and enjoy is such a joy in itself.

Experience new storylines, lands and characters is such a thrill. But, in today's society shows can be taken away with the snap of a finger. It's the sad truth of a streaming heavy society.

So, here's a list of my personal top 4 shows that did not deserve to be cancelled, and faced an untimely cancellation.

Anne With An E (2017-2019)

Netflix / Caitlin Cronenberg

This popular Netflix show was inspired by L.M Montgomery's novels 'Anne of Green Gables.'

There'd been many different adaptations of these novels in the past. At first, I was skeptical to watch this series. At the recommendation of a friend I did so. I fell in love with the very ambience of this show. Everything about it was perfect. Anne Shirley was perfectly cast. AmyBeth McNulty did such an incredible job in the role and I am so glad I had the opportunity to see her do so for three seasons.

This is a show I often find myself revisiting. Avonlea is such a comfort, it would seem.

Locke & Key (2020-2022)

Netflix / Amanda Matlovich

This drama show adapted from the comic books of the same name was severely underrated.

As a viewer of all sorts - this magically intertwined show captivated me from the moment I watched it. The likes of Emilia Jones, Griffin Gluck and Jackson Robert Scott captivate with their performances throughout this show.

As a lover of fantasy, the darker elements definitely pulled me in. I couldn't help but binge this show.

Unfortunately, the final season released last year. It was a premature end for a spellbinding show - but at least we're still able to keep it alive with the magic of streaming (no keys necessary).

One Of Us Is Lying (2021-2022)

Getty Images

First, I read the book of the same name by Karen M. McManus then the TV show was announced.

I will admit, I only watched it as Annalisa Cochrane who plays Yasmine in Cobra Kai was involved in the project. But as I did, I loved this adaptation. Sure, not everything was in line with the book but adaptations never are. This cast were amazing, and it's such a shame it got cancelled with such a cliffhanger ending.

Knowing we'll never know what happened is a shame, but the Bayview Four was fun while it lasted. It's just frustrating as an audience member to not get closure.

But this show was one I always recommended to people, and still do when they want something to watch.

Julie & The Phantoms (2020)


I only watched this hit show this year. When I'd realised it was from Kenny Ortega, the mind behind High School Musical - one of my favourite childhood movies, I just knew I had to check this show out.

I was not disappointed.

Everything about this show was amazing. The songs, the casting and the storyline.

However, I watched this knowing it was cancelled. And it still annoyed me. When it rolled to the credits on the last episode I stared at the screen for a good 5 minutes afterward just feeling sad that there would be no more of this show. Needless to say the songs have been on repeat since I watched it. I cannot get enough of the music. Kenny Ortega is such a great mind!

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