If you sat in a room of ten people, I could almost guarantee that half, if not more than half, of the people have seen The Office. It is a wonderful show, there is no denying that, but there are other shows just as good, some could even argue better, than The Office.

If you are like me, than you love to watch anything film related. Netflix is my go to streaming service, Hulu backing it up. So, from one college student to the next, here are some shows that I believe are just as good as The Office that is worth watching like you are taking a break from all of your studying...or just needing some entertainment.

*it should be noted that everyone has different opinions on the types of shows and that is okay! if nothing on my list peaks your interest do not worry!*

1. Arrested Development


This show. Oh my god is this show hilarious. Arrested Development follows the Bluth family and how their lives are affected after George Bluth Sr's years of crime finally caught up with him. The characters are horrible, all with personalities that you could never stand in real life, but for some reason it is great for the show.

While the show has had a small downhill since season 4, the first few seasons are great and it still is very good. Oh, and did I mention Portia de Rossi is in it alongside Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, AND Will Arnett? As of right now there are five seasons.

2. American Vandal


If documentaries are your kind of thing, I would definitely check out this. This mockumentary has two seasons - the first following the story of how a student is accused of spray-painting penises onto teacher's cars while the second one investigates a Catholic school who had laxatives contaminated in the lemonade.

While this show was, unfortunately, cancelled by Netflix, it is still so unbelievably outrageous that you can't help but check it out. The students who are investigating, Peter and Sam, are featured in both seasons and you cannot help but get Buzzfeed Unsolved: Gone Wrong vibes.

3. Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Okay, so I'm sure you have at least heard of the show before, but if not - Always Sunny follows a group of friends who refer to themselves as "The Gang" and their business owning a bar in Philadelphia called Paddy's Pub.

The beginning seasons are clearly low budgeted and the things they get away with saying are jaw dropping at times, but I think that is what makes the show so good. They don't try and stay inside the box but think outside it and without that I'm not so sure the show would have even lasted.

From season two and so on, Danny Devito stars alongside the other cast members such as,Charlie Day. The humor can be very offensive so do keep in mind while watching it. There are currently 13 seasons in the show.

4. F is for Family


F is for Family is a fairly new show on Netflix that follows the Murphy family and their life in the 1970s. The show is based on co-creator, Bill Burr's, life and even voices the main character, Frank.

If you like Bob's Burgers, then there is a very strong chance you will like this show. The best way to describe the humor in this show is in between Bob's Burgers and American Dad.

While it is very raunchy, since it is based in the 70s, the things they say are not nearly as crazy as things in American Dad. Right now there are three seasons and the fourth is looking to come out in 2020.

5. Daria


It is only right to end with an oldie but goody. Daria is an early MTV show airing from 1997 to 2002. It follows the life of Daria Morgendorffer and her high school career.

The show has many wonderful characters; fashionista sister, a history teacher stuck in a constant fit of rage, and the cliche clueless cheerleader and football player couple. This show is great and if you were a fan of Beevis and Butthead, chances are you will enjoy this too.

There is no strict plot that forces you to watch the show in order, but it is just that good that you can't help but want to watch it all. There were five seasons and all are available on Hulu.