8 Of The Best TV Shows To Binge When You're In A Mood

8 Of The Best TV Shows To Binge When You're In A Mood

Get cozy and plan for all-night marathons.

There are days where I can think of nothing else but laying in bed, nestled in a blanket burrito with my laptop propped at the end of the bed while Netflix proudly blares on. As someone who is prone to periods of episodic depression, I've found that sometimes just mindlessly indulging in a variety of entertainment television helps alleviate the never-ending stress and pressure. Here are some of my personal varied favorites to binge-watch--but be warned, you might not be able to stop watching.

1. "You're the Worst" (Hulu)

This show had the most accurate portrayal of neuroses, depression, and mental illness that I haven't seen anywhere else. However, even though they delve into each of the major character's issues and flaws, they are all so wonderfully awful and genuine that they start to feel like close friends, complete with all the awkward and tense moments a relationship entails but not without all the charm. You'll get attached to both neurotic Gretchen and narcissistic Jimmy and their assorted miserable friends and root for them until the end.

2. "Skins" (UK Version) (Netflix)

If you didn't have a "Skins" phase in middle school or high school, now is the time to start watching this offbeat British dramedy. Focusing on a group of British teens near the end of their educational careers, "Skins" follows these kids as they explore sexuality, drugs, and come to terms with the fact that life is unexpected and so. Very. Hard.

3. "Face-Off" (Hulu)

The only reality show on this list revolves around makeup - monster makeup. Every season of Face Off centers around a colorful cast of professional makeup artists who specialize in Special FX makeup and bring your most twisted sci-fi dreams to life. Come for the monsters, stay for the process--it's so satisfying watching them mold and paint their creations.

4. "Shameless" (US Version) (Netflix)

One thing you can say for sure, "Shameless" is one show that lives up to its name. This phenomenon tackles every single hot-button issue you can think of, all while fleshing out the story of a deeply dysfunctional family that you can't help but root for despite all of their very prominent flaws. This show will have you crying from laughter to just plain crying in the matter of a few minutes.

5. "The End of the Fucking World" (Netflix)

Meet the two oddest teenagers you'll ever encounter--one's a self-proclaimed psychopath and the other is just batshit crazy and acting out after her parents' divorce. What appears to be a lighthearted show about hitting the road and running away gets dark fast after a certain incident that results in these two teens running from the law and everyone else. I would say more but no summary could describe the eclectic attraction or enchanting idiosyncrasies both James and Alyssa possess.

6. "Big Mouth" (Netflix)

One of the most creative and charming shows on this list, "Big Mouth" is a quirky cartoon that deals with the worst subject ever--puberty--and makes it absolutely hilarious. Prepare to cringe as you follow a set of middle schoolers during their coming of age, complete with Puberty Monsters (and yes, his nose is in fact, a penis), a Pornscape, and a scandalous red bra.

7. "Black Mirror" (Netflix)

Also known as the Twilight Zone in the digital age, "Black Mirror" is a guaranteed mind-fuck that you won't be able to forget easily. This show alludes to the dangers of the "advances" of technology which always leads to the moral regression of the characters and of humanity in general. Try "USS Callister" or "White Christmas" for chilling results, or if you're feeling particularly optimistic, the heartwarming "Hang the DJ" is a cute testament to the power of love.

8. "The Inbetweeners" (Netflix)

So if the kids from Skins were complete losers with little to no social skills or positive attributes, they would be the clan from "The Inbetweeners." Another British program, this show delves into the lives of four try-hard dorks who don't have much except for each other--unfortunately. Their misadventures are so cringey that the viewer often experiences second-hand embarrassment, but not without a big laugh.

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In all of the reviews I have ever written, I normally organize it song-by-song, giving feedback to each track. This time, however, I think I can save all of us time on this article by just being completely honest about Lil Yachty’s “Lil Boat 2.”

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The beats to the songs weren’t that bad but, overall, it just sounded like Lil Yachty and his features were WAY too high to be in the studio.

Yachty’s flows, bars and rhyme schemes were ALL weak throughout the entire album, and if it weren’t for the final six songs on “Lil Boat 2,” this review would be nothing but bashing Lil Yachty.

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Final Score: 5.8/10
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Did Draco Malfoy Ever Get The Clout He Deserved?

Yes, he was literally the worst for a majority of the series. But does this one moment make up for it all?

The new trailer for the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” series just dropped and I have a LOT of feelings. Mainly:

With the release of this new trailer, the only natural thing to do is to binge watch the "Harry Potter" series. Now, if you don’t know about "Harry Potter" series, I’m going to assume that you were born literally minutes ago. For those of you who do know what I’m talking about, let’s chat.

Throughout the series, we see some pretty rotten witches, wizards and muggles. The worst being Bellatrix LeStrange, in my opinion.

*Side note: Voldemort killed meticulously and with his own “reasoning” that supported his actions. Bellatrix killed for sport. No reason was necessary to support her choices. Regardless of who I thought was worse, it doesn’t change the fact that they were both 100% assholes.*

Throughout the movie, and even more so throughout the book, we are able to see slight character arcs for a majority of these lesser-evil villains, such as Petunia Dursley, Narcissa Malloy, Snape, and Draco Malfoy.

After Snape, Draco had one of the biggest character arcs in the series. He saved Harry and, ultimately, through his actions, gave Harry one last chance to defeat Voldemort. How? Well, Pottermore explains it best, but to put it simply, he refused to give Harry, Ron, and Hermione up to Bellatrix and the Snatchers.

This moment is so pivotal and apparent in the books, yet on screen, while it’s still a huge moment, it still gets downplayed. The weight of the moment isn’t truly felt and could be taken as more of a mistake on Malfoy’s part. That moment, if not understood correctly, could change many viewers' opinions about Draco's transformation from elitist, bigot, selfish snob to a (slightly) unknowingly ignorant, scared, defeated teen.

Damnit, J.K. Rowling, you’ve done it again. Even after all these years, somehow I still always seem to find something new.

Now let’s talk about how the new movie will allow the Ministry to apparate onto Hogwarts?!

Cover Image Credit: Review Me Twice

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