6 Times TV Shows Have Turned Me Into A Hopeless Romantic

Everyone has their guilty pleasures. That thing they spend time on that instead of probably doing something way more productive. For me, it's binging TV series. Ever since the hype of Netflix was brought about again, I find myself constantly looking for new shows to watch. I usually end up finishing them in a short time span because not having to wait to see what happens next just makes it way too tempting to stop. I also have come to the realization that these characters have given me an unrealistic expectation of love and life. Their stories are just so unique and fascinating that it's hard to not tie in your own feelings. Here are 10 times that these shows have turned me into a total hopeless romantic.

1. Meredith Grey and Derek Shepard

Had to start off with this iconic couple. I watched Grey's Anatomy two summers ago and Meredith and Derek stole my heart just as fast as they ended up breaking it. Disregarding the end of season 11, they had such a special love story that kept me laughing and crying all the way until the end. I am still low-key hoping that Meredith's life since Derek's been gone has been one big bad dream.

2. Jimmy Lishman and Fiona Gallagher

They had their ups and downs, and they might not have ended up together, but, Jimmy and Fiona had that ride or die relationship. He would do absolutely anything for her and her family. Sure, he might have lied about his name and his past, but the love was definitely real.

3. Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert

I could go on and on about these two. I watched the Vampire Dairies from 6th grade up until it ended in my senior year of high school. I never really saw them coming but I am so happy that they did. Elena was the good that Damon always needed and deserved. Damon's epic speeches were everything. The love they had for each other consumed them.

4. Nathan Scott and Haley James

The perfect high school sweetheart story. They stuck it out through the best and the worst of times and it was worth it. It was nice watching them grow together and eventually have such a beautiful family. Many couples in the show changed throughout the seasons, but they always stuck.

5. Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass

The Upper-East Side never stood a chance against Chuck and Blair. That's because they are Chuck and Blair. Their on and off again relationship ended up becoming a vital part of the show, and I loved every second of it and them. It was them vs the world and they wouldn't have it any other way.

6. Jack and Rebecca Pearson

The most recent show I've binged was 'This is Us' and I am not over it. Jack Pearson is everything that every woman wants in a man and more. The love they have for each other is something that few of us will be so lucky to find. I was crushed when I watched Jack slip away, but I am glad that I am not done watching their story unfold.

Moral of the story, I might have gotten a little too emotionally attached to these characters but even though they are fictional, they give me hope that true love is out there waiting for me.

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