10 TV Shows To Binge-Watch This Summer
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10 TV Shows To Binge-Watch This Summer

Check out these bingeable shows to pass the time.

10 TV Shows To Binge-Watch This Summer

Summer nights are best spent staying up late and curling up to watch an addicting show on Netflix. Here are some of the most binge-worthy shows across all streaming platforms:

Game of Thrones

Series preview: The houses of Westeros, a fictional land, fight an epic war with one another in an effort to claim the Iron Throne and rule over the Seven Kingdoms.

Watch if you're a fan of: The 100

Seasons: 8

Episodes: 71

Still on air? No, the series finale of GOT just aired on HBO.

Where to stream: HBOGo

The Newsroom

Series preview: Will McAvoy and his team of ambitious producers embark on a mission to bring quality journalism back to the fictional Atlantis Cable News.

Watch if you're a fan of: The West Wing

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 25

Still on air? No.

Where to stream: Amazon Prime Video


Series preview: Legal prodigy Mike Ross takes a job working as an associate lawyer for the legendary Harvey Specter at the prestigious New York City law firm Pearson Hardman. The only catch? No one can know that he's actually a college dropout, not a Harvard law school graduate as he claimed.

Watch if you're a fan of: Scandal

Seasons: 8

Episodes: 124

Still on air? Yes, the final season of Suits will premiere on USA Network later this summer.

Where to stream: Amazon Prime Video

The Ranch

Series preview: Colt Bennett returns to his hometown of Garrison, Colorado to help out on the family's struggling ranch after he fails to make it as a professional football player.

Watch if you're a fan of: Fuller House

Seasons: 3 (6 parts)

Episodes: 60

Still on air? Yes, part 7 is expected to premiere on Netflix this summer.

Where to stream: Netflix


Series preview: Three generations of the Braverman family struggle with the ups and downs of life, love, and of course, parenthood.

Watch if you're a fan of: This Is Us

Seasons: 6

Episodes: 103

Still on air? No.

Where to stream: Netflix

The Bold Type

Series preview: Jane Sloan, Kat Edison, and Sutton Brady tackle both personal and professional problems while working for Scarlet Magazine in New York City.

Watch if you're a fan of: The Carrie Diaries

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 26

Still on air? Yes, season three is airing now on Freeform.

Where to stream: Freeform and Hulu

The Crown

Series preview: The personal lives of Queen Elizabeth II and other royals within the House of Windsor are explored in this brilliantly acted period drama.

Watch if you're a fan of: Downton Abbey

Seasons: 2

Episodes: 20

Still on air? Yes, season three of The Crown is set to premiere later this year.

Where to stream: Netflix

Grace and Frankie

Series preview: Grace and Frankie form an unlikely friendship after their husbands admit to having a decades-long affair with each other.

Watch if you're a fan of: Golden Girls

Seasons: 5

Episodes: 65

Still on air? Yes, the sixth season of Grace and Frankie is being filmed.

Where to stream: Netflix

Mad Men

Series preview: The mysterious and successful Don Draper juggles his work at the fictional Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency on Madison Avenue and his tumultuous, secretive personal life during the hectic 1960s.

Watch if you're a fan of: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Seasons: 7

Episodes: 92

Still on air? No.

Where to stream: Netflix


Series preview: Six twenty-something-year-olds navigate love, friendship, and relatable problems while living in New York City.

Similar to: How I Met Your Mother

Seasons: 10


Still on air? No.

Where to stream: Netflix

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