What It's Like Trying And Failing To Diet Around The Holidays

What It's Like Trying And Failing To Diet Around The Holidays

Declaring December the Official Cheat Month of the Year


I have come to the conclusion that the month of December should be considered a cheat month. While wanting to diet and eat healthy before the feast of the holidays is most people’s goal, it is just a little harder this time of year.

Coming back from a filling Thanksgiving break, I told myself I would work off all the food I consumed. Along with this came trying to eat less and healthier before my next break filled with rich foods and sweets.

Well, that worked for a couple of days, but then December came and it seems like Christmas cookies, candies and hot chocolate are tempting me everywhere I go.

I mean, who wouldn’t eat a Christmas cookie if offered? I doubt that many people would turn one down. So, staying away from sweets has proven itself to be nearly impossible and not as fun around the holidays.

There is too much excitement to be worrying about our calorie counts. I very well could just be looking for an excuse to make myself feel better, but I think we should declare December the official cheat month of the year.

After all, news years is around the corner and we can just make up for it than through our resolutions. Until then, though, let’s just enjoy ourselves because we will most likely all crack at some point during this holiday season.

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