You know what, I hate being nice. Being nice makes it easier for people to walk all over you and causes you to be more trusting. We all have been burned, either in relationships, in school, by family, etc. That's life and it sucks, but why does it keep happening again? Because you may be a little too trusting.

I've been burned…a lot. I'm guessing you have too. Honestly, I feel like I am on my last straw when it comes to trusting people. So many 'friends' have thrown me under the bus, and I continue to trust them. It took me long enough to realize those people are now dead to me. Sounds harsh, but it also took me long enough to realize what I deserve as an individual.

Now I'm not perfect, and when I have done people wrong, I know when it is on me and I respect why that person would feel that way. But when it's vice-versa, I was once very forgiving and set myself up for being hurt again, but not anymore.

I am sick and tired of being burned. I know it will happen again, but I think that changing my mindset in not trusting anyone until they build trust with me is the most effective action to make on the issue. Trust is something that makes or breaks a friendship, relationship, or whatever. If you have no trust, then what's the point? It has to be earned, rather than just given out freely.

This past year a lot of bad things happened to be, but a lot of good things happened to me too. But when I look back on it, I am a completely different person than I was a year ago. Last year I was walked all over, taken advantage of, and torn down. If you have any thought in your mind that I am the same exact person as I was then, try me now.