Trump's Transgender Ban Hurts Everyone
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Trump's Transgender Ban Hurts Everyone

Trump has cited budget constraints, but the hypocrisy of his statements is quite evident.

Trump's Transgender Ban Hurts Everyone
Gage Skidmore

On Wednesday, July 26, 2017, President Donald Trump decided it would be a good idea to ban transgender people from military service, through a series of tweets nonetheless.

Throughout his campaign during 2016, Trump was very adamant about protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community and being a friend to those in that group.

Realistically, up to this point, he has been an ally to them by not touching any laws against the community. Despite having a very anti-LGBTQ Vice President, the marriage equality law has not even popped up into discussion.

More than that, having Ivanka in his ear constantly has definitely been a plus for social issues, it would seem.

Those reasons are part of what make this move shocking to many. Trump's more open-minded stance on LGBT rights during the campaign seemed to have pushed many voters on the fence to his side. It did not help that the Clinton Foundation had taken millions from Saudi Arabia, one of the main arguing points against her.

Nevertheless, Trump has seemingly decided to cease allowing transgender people in the military.

Transgenderism in the military is an especially tough topic. People that are confused about their gender identity undoubtedly have a lot going on in their mind. Beyond that, qualifications for the US Military are intense in and of themselves. Serving in the military is not a right, and there are endless factors that could get someone barred from service.

As of now, I cannot serve in the military due to different medications I have taken or currently take. This is not even something I researched, I was personally told this by an active military member on a recruiting call my junior year of high school.

While there may be a lot going on in many transgender individuals's minds, barring citizens from the military simply for being transgender is absurd.

Entering the military is not a right, and it should never be. To serve in the most powerful military in the world, you must first meet rigorous and strict requirements.

Those with the abilities and those that meet the physical and psychological requirements should be able to protect our country. Simply being transgender is not a good enough reason to not let an able-bodied and able-minded person into the military.

More flawed than the old policy itself is Trump's logic behind his decision, along with how he has disseminated such important information.

Trump fired of a series of Tweets early in the morning of the 26th, without sending any sort of official instruction to anyone.

As of this writing, the tweets are the only sort of instruction the President has given on the reinstatement of the ban, and the military is doing nothing until there is an actual policy involved.

Trump's strategies for informing people of his decisions has never been intelligent, this we knew.

However, there is a huge issue with what Trump has said as to his reasoning. In the tweets, the 45th President claims that transgenders in the military are simply a burden on the military budget.

This is a false accusation towards a community that has done nothing to deserve such an attack.

According to one study, transgender services make up significantly less than 1% of the military's budget.

Quite frankly, the notion that tax dollars should not pay for gender transitions is absolutely correct.

However, banning an entire group of people is not the solution for ending tax-fueled transitions.

More than just that, Trump and the current Republican held government have no real room to be talking about wasteful spending.

The Republican House pushed their spending bill through, despite 1.6 billion dollars dedicated to Trump's border wall as if our country is some sort of home backyard.

The government's wasteful use of tax dollars during this administration has been unprecedented.

Between his golfing excursions and other travel, Trump is quickly coming up on Barack Obama's eight year total of travel expenses. It has been less than a year so far, and somehow Trump has the audacity to say transgender people cost too much.

The decision to ban transgender people was ill-advised and hateful, and quite frankly seems to be a distractor from his subtweeting of his Attorney General and the whole Russia investigation.

At this point, there are no real words to defend how Trump is acting or the decisions he is making, but as long as other Republicans refuse to stand up, it seems as if his behavior will continue on as is.

Transgender people are also human beings, and banning someone from military service simply for being transgender is hateful, and only further divides our country and our military.

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