President Donald Trump has been holding his position for over a week now, and he’s been persistent in making controversial decisions with his executive orders. He has authorized progressions for a border wall on the southwest region of the States and approved recommencement of the Dakota Access Pipeline. He also recently gave the executive order of banning Muslims from entering the U.S.

When first sworn into presidency, elected presidents get sampled for the first hundred days of presidency. Coined in 1933 by former U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, starting on January 20th, music artists have joined to do a compilation album called Our First 100 days.

It’s been over ten days of “Trumpland,” and American citizens have been protesting across the country. The seriousness of his political agenda has been quite literal, and the people are outraged.

The collaboration is orchestrated by American Independent record label “Secretly Group,” and by “30 days 30 songs.”The collaboration will be a hundred songs for hundred days; equivalent to Trump's first hundred days as president.

Many have behest towards the newly elected President and worry about the policies that may change the next four years.That can reflect on immigration, climate change, LGBTQ community, and reproductive rights. The singles for Our First 100 Days will benefit to organizations that support these various causes that may be endangered by the new presidential administration.

The compilation began on Inauguration day, with breakthrough artist Angel Olsen and his single “Fly On Your Wall” to kick it off.

Another track will be released with comedian Tim Heidecker (Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job!), who wrote a song about White Nationalist Richard Spencer. Spencer was the one who got punched in the face on Trump’s Inauguration and once announced for a “peaceful ethnic cleansing.”

There can be purchases to subscribe to Our First 100 Days for a contribution of $30, which again will proceed to benefits to organizations that oppose the political policies that the Trump administration and Congress (controlled by the Republicans) seek to pass, jeopardizing many people’s civil rights.

Many artists announced that would like to participate such as: Toro Y Moi, Protomartyr, Waxahatchee, Whitney, Mitski, Beach Fossils, Ty Segall, Into It. Over It, Mountain Goats, Twin Peaks and others will chip in for sharing a constant movement against the political power. The current leader does not hold the absolute for the people.

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