Yesterday a man scaled the side of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, bringing a much-needed comedic relief to break up the nine to five workday.

Stephen Rogata, 20, was removed from the 68-story building on a stretcher after two hours.

Adults, babies, tourists, and passersby looked up from their iPhones to watch the Virginia man scale the tower with a contraption made of suction cups, according to USA Today.

The New York Post calls Rogata the “human fly,” while comedian Lane Moore refers to the man who just wanted to meet Donald Trump as her ex-boyfriend.

Well, allegedly.

Twitter account @TrumpTowerGuyEx graced the Twittersphere yesterday with hilarious tweets about the human fly.

The account's bio reads: “Ugh yep that #TrumpTowerClimber is my ex-bf it did not end well bc now he's climbing the #TrumpTower so. tweets by @hellolanemoore bc i cant even right now."

Regardless of whether these tweets are accurate or not, they're funny AF so let's just pretend they are the same way Donald Trump pretends that he doesn't paint his face with Cheetos dust every morning.

Can you believe this jerk?

I'm guessing #TrumpTowerClimber isn't a fan of seafood.

You're better off without him, babe! You are a queen and deserve to be treated as such.

For future reference, use the Drunk Mode app. Rose + texting = entering the danger zone.

Silver lining: you went to Disney World.

Whether or not Ms. Moore had sexual relations with that man, we thank her for her public service of making us LOL in our work cubicles.