While the hamberder memes are flying across social platforms at lightning rates, voters seem to be too busy laughing at the newest act in "The Stupidest Show On Earth" instead of asking themselves the right questions about what they want to see in 2020. Can Democrats capitalize on a President that can't help but keep himself from being at the butt-end of every joke, or will they face a fate similar to that of the 2016 Election?

Trump Hamberder Meme

What we fail to recognize in all of our incredibly lol-worthy reactions to Trump and his racketeering administration and associates, is that we're giving him a shit ton of free-publicity to embolden his base and stoke more fear among his fellow xenophobes and racists. Every time we obsess about something stupid Trump tweets or does, we take attention away from where we want our country to be.

I mean come on, don't you miss the days when viral videos of a public figure being stupid were reserved for Lindsey Lohan and Mel Gibson instead of the fucking Commander-in-Chief?

While mainstream media and news outlets along with the brunt of the internet are providing 24/7 Trump coverage, Democrats aren't helping themselves shift focus to what all of this means for 2020. Instead, they are kind of running around like chickens with their head's cut-off. Or I guess more like all of the characters who died in Game of Thrones trying to fuck with Cersei Lannister to get to the iron throne.

The Democratic Party is currently rife with Senators, Representatives, Governors and basically every other elected official with a Twitter account announcing their candidacy and/or an exploratory committee for their candidacy in the 2020 presidential election. So essentially, they are paying pollsters to run numbers on how likely it is anyone will actually feel compelled to vote for them instead of the orange train-wreck currently in-charge.

This sounds like a good thing, right? Wrong.

A giant wave of old-school thinkers and disliked Dems like Elizabeth Warren and Bill DiBlasio announcing 2020 bids aren't exciting voters, they're making them yawn. The worst thing we can encounter going into the Democratic Primary is too many candidates, each with an individual focus to gain the support of a specific demographic. If we end up with another Hillary Clinton-esque "because she makes sense" candidate, Trump is guaranteed to win in the 2020 presidential election.

Let's just hope that Beto O'Rourke's recently announced solo-country tour (O'Rourke says he is just going to hop in his car and drive across the country meeting Americans) is his sly way of announcing his potential to be on the ticket. There's also hope in younger Democratic freshman like Republican twitter troll's newest obsession, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

The important thing in the upcoming months is to talk less about President Trump's stupidity and spend more time researching and getting behind candidates that excite you and represent what you want for our Democracy's future.