KitKat Bars: The Social Dividers
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KitKat Bars: The Social Dividers

What does the way you eat your chocolate say about you?

KitKat Bars: The Social Dividers

At first, I wasn’t aware that there was such hostility amongst the devourers of the KitKat chocolate bar until a few days ago. The day started off fairly normal until my roommate offered me a mini KitKat. Gleefully, I opened it up and to take a bite. Before I could even swallow I heard a horrific holler of “What are you doing!?” Perplexed, and still hungry I continued eating until my roommate informed me that you’re supposed to break the Kit Kat apart, not bite right into it. What was this madness, I thought to myself. It’s a chocolate bar I had no intention of sharing, so why break it apart? He was adamant about this and after talking to a few different people it would appear that the way in which one is supposed to eat a KitKat bar is quite divided. It’s insane, but the more I thought about it, the more I can see what picture this paints for what kind of person you are, truly sanctifying the concept that there are two types of people in this world.

People, who choose to break the KitKat in half, may be inclined to be more friendly. The act of breaking it in half means that even if you’re intent is to not share it, there is an entire piece ready for anyone who may want some. You are thinking of others almost instinctively. Life hasn’t made you as jaded as certain others and you probably get along with most people. The downside of breaking a Kit Kat in half is that you are doing exactly what the world expects of you. KitKats are made to be broken, so you are probably someone who follows along with the status quo. There is a chance you are afraid to try new things that others may look down on. This might not be a problem for you as you may adhere to the philosophy of if it aint broke don’t fix it. You may also find that you are a person of patience and waiting. You separate the potential of pleasure by “breaking it up” and saving it for later. This may translate in you not putting your all into certain activities and holding back.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have people who don’t break the KitKat in half in favor of eating it whole. By their nature these people tend to be loners. The KitKat, the chocolate made for sharing, is no different from the Hersey’s or Snickers. It is a one person endeavor. You make sure a bite it made in both halves so that others know that this chocolate is not for them. The weight of the world has had its effect on you and it shows in how you may treat others. You are probably a bit more creative, willing to try new things despite what others may say. The world is full of possibilities, not all pleasant, but you are willing to go out and try them. This disdain for the norm also leads into your impatience. By eating both halves of the KitKat you are taking it head on. No time for neatness or organization, it’s all or nothing now. While this may get you into trouble, you are less likely to let hesitation hinder your experiences.

Now if you alternate between the two forms of eating the KitKat however, you are an enlightened being. Someone who breaks away from the unnecessary boundaries human beings have made for themselves since day one when our ancestors proclaimed that one type of rock tasted better than another type of rock. You know the way and are doomed to live in a world surrounded by those who cannot. You will be surrounded by many, but forever be weighed down with the chains of loneliness. Do not fret, for they will only make you stronger. It may take longer than some would like, but you will understand that guiding this new era will not come too soon or too late, but just when it is right.

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