Trump For Dummies

So, Donald Trump is president, and some people are sick of talking about it.

Well, not me, because this man holds arguably the highest power in the world and most of America has no idea what that means. So, let's educate ourselves.

We have heard many different stories on what exactly he has done (or tired to do) in his first few weeks in office. He has signed a whopping nine executive orders and here they are unpacked for you.

1. Switch up the National Security Team

The major aspect to watch out for here is Trump's order to appoint former journalist Stephen Bannon as head National Security Advisor. Formerly this position had always been held by someone with military experience. Experts from both Democratic and Republican parties are confused and disappointed that someone inexperienced has ben chosen for this postilion, and so am I considering that the man who has the power to unleash nuclear bombs has already made threats.

2. Cut down burdens for small business (aka less business regulations)

This executive order will cut down one or two government regulations for businesses, which Trump claims will make their lives easier. This makes sense because Trump has so much experience with small businesses, ya know?

3. Travel Ban

This executive order made by the President is something most of the world knows and has an opinion about. Trump attempted suspend global refugee programs for 120 days, as well as indefinitely ban Syrian refugees. He also wanted to ban anyone coming to the US from 7 muslim countries, as well as cap off refugees at 50,000. His goal was to stop terrorists from coming into the country, but it seems more plausible that he has instead began a war of ideals. US airports complied, and many lives were negatively affected. Federal judges have ended the deportations, as well as having ended the travel ban.

4. Border Security (aka THE WALL)

Trump signed an executive order promising America their safety at the cost of their guacamole. The wall has its executive order, but it doesn't yet have the funding or the congressional approval it needs. Trump assumed Mexico would help pay for the wall, but Mexico was sure to say no way to that one. Once Trump figures out how to pay for it (most likely with American tax dollars), it still has to go through the HOR and the Senate. This is going to be a big, expensive, legal mess if it happens.

5. Pipelines (Keystone XL and Dakota Access)

Trump, we may not have anymore of those nifty birds if you keep ignoring climate change and impending disasters. The president has signed executive orders for the construction of the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines, two pipelines that former President Obama and the National Army Corps of Engineers halted. These pipelines bring crude oil from Canada to the United States, an action that will bring temporary energy and financial gain to America. The construction of this pipeline has been controversial due to climate change, as well as the fact that these pipelines could contaminate rivers that people (particularly Native Americans) use for drinking water. I can sense a legal battle coming.

6. Weaken Obamacare

Trump's next executive order was aimed at the Department of Health and Human Services. His order to them states that they must "waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay" parts of the Affordable Care Act that put financial burdens onto the state, healthcare agencies, etc. While this statement is somewhat vague. we can expect the senate to be discussing how to repeal parts of Obama's affordable care act. In Minnesota, actions have already been made by legislature to repeal certain ACA benefits.

7. Ban on international abortion counseling (global gag rule)

As a policy that was first introduced by former President Ronald Reagan in 1984, Trump has been brought back to the table. This policy prohibits NGO (such as Planned Parenthood) that receive any governmental funding from helping US women with abortions or abortion counseling.The secretaries of State and Health both need to write implementation plans as well as renewal plans. This is most definitely a step backwards regarding women's reproductive rights, especially considering a bunch of men helped Trump write this order.

8. Halted the hiring of new governmental employees

As part of Trump's effort to heighten capitalism and reduce governmental control, he has caused a 90 day halt on hiring federal employees, except for the military and public safety. This is somewhat surprising considering Trump's promise to provide citizens with more jobs. We can expect to see more of a less-governmental and more-capitalistic mindset from Trump.

9. No more Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is pact that 12 Pacific Ocean-boardering countries signed for economic reasons. According to, "the pact aimed to deepen economic ties between these nations, slashing tariffs and fostering trade to boost growth." Former President Obama signed this report, and it had yet to even be put into effect when Trump pulled America out of the pact. Trump is really hanging onto his "America First" mentality.

So, there you have it, President Trump's first executive orders. No matter how some of these orders may play out, it is our responsibility as the people to make sure Trump hears us loud and clear.

PS: Also, Betsy DeVos???? Who the heck even allowed that to happen???? (COUGH COUCH MIKE PENCE)

Please check out for more information on Trump's executive orders.

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