36 Unmistakable Signs You're A True Southern Woman
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36 Unmistakable Signs You're A True Southern Woman

There's a difference between being raised in the South, and being a southern woman.

36 Unmistakable Signs You're A True Southern Woman

Here are a few ways that you know you are 100% a classy, southern woman. I am a born and raised Texan woman with a momma from Mississippi and a strong addiction to Dr. Pepper. Needless to say, I'd say I've got this "Southern" thing down to a tea (sweat tea, that is).

1. You use y'all in nearly every other sentence.

You don't realize it until you travel to the north and say, "Wait, y'all don't say y'all?"

2. Addiction to sweet tea and Dr. Pepper runs in your family.

Having sweet tea on a wrap around porch with your grandmother- extra Southern. Also, asking for a coke really means that you want a Dr. Pepper.

3. Your family is traditionally pretty conservative.

Even if you yourself may not be, I've found that old southern families tend to lean very far right.

4. Your mother doesn't let you leave the house with wet hair.

Perhaps this is just me, but my mother has a heart attack if she sees me walking out the door with wet hair.

5. You've heard the quote "Dress to impress" a million times from either your grandmother, mother, or aunt.

Sometimes you hear it from all of the above in one day, especially on those days where you didn't even feel like applying mascara.

6. Cowboys were your first love as a child.

John Wayne, or the Dallas Cowboys. Enough said.

7. Trying on your mom's pearls and high heels when you were four years old.

Your mom had the video camera ready, and your daddy would dance around the room with you.

8. You love peaches with a passion.

This is not just for my Georgia gals, because believe me, I know there are Texan girls out there just like me who can't get enough of this Southern fruit.

9. Pearls go with everything.

This is a southern MUST. I'm sure you can remember the first pair of pearls your momma gave you.

10. Dining rooms are an essential part of every home.

Those commercials with the perfect dinner preparation and visual appeal? They're 110% true.

11. You were trained to practice Southern hospitality.

Wether that be smiling and using your good manners when you don't feel particularly friendly, or telling everyone to leave their plates so that you can do them later, Southern Hospitality takes serious training.

12. You are very kind, until someone does something unkind, and then you unleash your sweet wrath.

We're sweet until we're not. Never, under any circumstances, should you cross a southern woman. She knows how to use her words, and her daddy taught her exactly how a man should treat her. She won't accept anything less.

13. "Kill them with kindness" is a popular quote in your household.

It is a common theme in every Southern girl's home.

14. Large flower arrangements create the best aesthetic in a humble abode.

Need a centerpiece? Easy. Fresh daisies, sunflowers, or magnolias are always the way to go to impress company.

15. You attended cotillion.

Oh, the dreaded cotillion. A place where prim and proper adults taught you how to dance with boys in middle school. There were a lot of sweaty palms and little room for socializing.

16. Your living room is called "the den."

Perhaps this is just a Texas thing, but I didn't hear the term 'living room' until I began elementary school. It was always called 'the den' in my house!

17. You're a little obsessed with your state.

There's just something about being from the south that makes you love your home state a billion times more than anyone else.

18. Everything is a competition.

Beauty pageants? I'm going to be queen. Cotton bowl? My team's going to win. See how many chips you can consume in 30 seconds? Oh, you're on.

19. Three very important foods are pie, cobbler, and biscuits and gravy.

You can never have too much of any of these meals. Yes, in the South, dessert counts as a meal.

20. You have at least one crazy relative.

And you absolutely adore them.

21. "Honey" is used in either a pitiful tone or a loving tone.

Good luck figuring out which!

22. You own quite a few dresses.

You never know what kind of event is coming up, right?

23. You live by preppy clothing brands.

Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, Tommy Bahama, J. Crew, Patagonia, Brooks Brothers... Are you drooling yet?

24. You are always prepared for the weather to change moods in 30 seconds.

The South's weather changes on the flip of a dime. It could be jacket and jeans weather in the morning, and tank top weather in the afternoon.

25. "Bless your heart" is an extremely common quote.

26. Everyone assumes you ride horses or raised cows.

Southern can mean country, but it certainly does not have to!

27. Greek life is pretty big in your family.

"RUSH ____!!!"

28. You grew up either going to church, or being around a lot of Christian influence.

Not every southern girl is Christian or religious, but in my experience, many are.

29. You probably have an aunt with really big hair.

This Aunt probably gives you lots of kisses and gets you socks for Christmas.

30. "Fixin' to," "goodness gracious," "Heaven forbid..."

"I'm fixin' to take the dog out!"
"Goodness gracious, that pie was delicious."
"Heaven forbid you get that tattoo."

31. Your dad drives a pick-up truck.

This was your first dream car. Guaranteed.

32. You wish you could cook like Paula Deen.

She may not have made the best choices, but she can cook a darn good meal!

33. Your hair is your most prized possession.

Southern women are all about their hair, and the bigger the better!

34. Your mom put bows in your hair every day when you were a little girl.

Big bows that you probably hated, and they ALWAYS got stuck in your hair.

35. Floppy hats are ALWAYS a must, especially around Derby time!

36. People never cease to point out that you have a strong southern accent.

No matter where you're from in the South, it is evident in your voice.

All in all, Southern women are not put into any one category. Yet, when you're raised to wear boots, spend your days at the lake, and worship Blue Bell Ice Cream, you'll find that there are many similarities between women of the South!

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