True Life: I'm Addicted to Weddings
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True Life: I'm Addicted to Weddings

It is a real thing.

True Life: I'm Addicted to Weddings
Alysa J. Martin

This Saturday, I witnessed one of the girls I studied abroad with, Brandy, walk down the aisle. It was a beautiful and fun wedding for a very happy couple. I teared up numerous times during the ceremony, and I couldn't take my eyes away during the first dance. I uttered to another friend at my table, Allison, "God, I love weddings."

Now, everyone loves a good wedding, but that wasn't quite what I meant. If I could have rephraised it, I should have said "God, I am obsessed with weddings." Because I don't just love a good wedding... I am actually addicted to weddings. Well, I said it. The first step is to admit it right?

I wasn't always this way. As a little girl I found myself day-dreaming of the big day, looking like a princess and wearing white. I would dress up my Malibu Barbie and her loyal fiance Ken and have a ceremony full of eloquent words that I didn't know how to use correctly, followed by a reception with dancing and plenty of cake. I would even dress up, white gloves and Cinderella glass slippers and all. However, my love of weddings never exceeded a normal level for a young girl.

Shorty after I turned 16, my mother got married and I was lucky enough to become the Maid of Honor. This was also the first wedding I attended that I wasn't too young and could actually remember. It was quite the experience, being literally thrown into wedding planning for my first ever experience. I also attended three other weddings that year, and two more the following. So you may be thinking, ah so thats when she must have started her addiction to weddings.

But, even then, I didn't particularly love weddings more than your average teenage girl.

I remember the day my addiction started very clearly. It was early 2011. I was a little over half way through Junior year of high school and had recently turned 17. I received an email that I had been dying for, I was finally invited to join Pinterest. (Yes, it was that new that you still needed to be invited by a friend who was somehow already on it)

I eagerly logged on hoping to find the prom dress of my dreams, which was the entire reason I wanted to get onto this hot new site to begin with.

For a while I stuck to prom dresses, cute outfits and art pieces. But it wasn't even a month before I had stumbled upon the 'Weddings' section on the explore page.

And that was it.

Weddings began to consume my entire Pinterest page. It was all I posted. I didn't even know who I would marry someday, and still don't, but it didn't matter. Just name the board "All I need is a Groom" and I was in business. It was an isolated occurrence though, and it didn't interfere with my daily life for a while. I was a "Social [media] Weddingaholic" if you will.

Then, the amount of weddings I had recently attended, and continued to attend brought my wedding addiction out of hand. Even going to showers, looking at rings, everything. I could never have enough. I began binge watching SYTTD and Four Weddings for ideas for a nonexistent wedding with my nonexistent fiance. And I still do, five years later.

I have picked color schemes, fantasized about flower arrangements, and even debated what kind of wedding dress I will purchase some day. I have even planned table decorations and who will be in my wedding party. I get so excited anytime someone I know gets engaged because I know it is only a matter of time before I get to attend their shower, and their big day.

And, when it is time to attend a wedding, I love everything about them. The ceremony, the hair, makeup, dresses, flowers, food, favors. The cake, the first dance, and all the dances thereafter, and of course, the happy couple.

Why do I love weddings so much?

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to have a good time. There are very few things in life that involve having more fun than dancing out on the floor at a wedding reception. Honestly, I love weddings so much, I could probably go to a wedding where I didn't even know the bride or groom and still have a blast. Just this past weekend, I knew the bride well, but not the groom and only one other guest. Yet I still had the time of my life! In fact, my phone was about to die, and I had one too many celebratory glasses of wine so I shot a text to my boyfriend to let him know what was up. My boyfriend, being a good boyfriend, came to pick me up, and it took him about 15 to 20 minutes to convince me to actually leave because I was having so much fun. He practically had to drag me out. And it has been the same way at every wedding I have ever attended, even when I was just a teen. Even at my mothers wedding, I was living it up and when I caught that bouquet I couldn't have been more of a "life of the party!"

I'm also a huge planner, which makes sense why I can't wait to plan my own special day down the road. Out of all my friends with real-life jobs, the one I am most jealous of is my big, Lexie, who is a wedding planner. (Goals.) She gets to surround herself with weddings and joy and beautiful (albeit sometimes sassy) Brides everyday all day. What a lucky girl, amiright!? I also looooooove tradition, which clearly weddings are full of. I love the idea of being a princess for a day of course, too.

To me, a wedding is pure bliss. Whether it is planning my own on Pinterest, or just attending one for friends and family, it represents happiness and love. I am a hopeless romantic, and nothing is more amazing to me than the uniting of a couple. Even in the high stress environment the bride faces, she always seems to have a smile on her face and a tear in her eye. She is completely overcome with genuine and true excitement because she is looking in the eyes of the man she loves, who is now her husband. I also think weddings are important and incredible because they are more than just you and your man. They are a celebration full of family, friends and everyone you hold dear to you, all there and happy for you. How many times in your life can you cherish a moment with everyone that matters to you? That my friend is rare.

But what I love even more about weddings is the beauty of it. Every wedding is so incredibly unique to the couple being wed. My mother had a very family oriented wedding, combining both hers and my step-dad's family. It was heart warming and beautiful. She also had a Ozepiny ceremony at her reception, a long standing Polish-American tradition.

Brandy's wedding this past weekend, she rode in on her beloved horse on her family farm, and her and her husband performed a branding ceremony in honor of their shared love of horses. They had their pup be their ring bearer, which was just purely adorable. The reception was simple, rustic but also elegant and really showcased the happy couple and their love that was shared.

These are only two of the many weddings I have been to, and perfectly showcase the uniqueness of each bride and couple. No two weddings will ever be the same and I think that is truly beautiful. It doesn't matter if the wedding is small or gigantic, simple or extravagant, there will never be a wedding that isn't perfect for the couple it joins together, and there will never be a wedding that leaves me dry-eyed. That to me, is something special.

So, for now, until I meet Mr. Right and have that rock on my finger, I will handle my addiction through Pinterest, TLC shows, and living vicariously through my engaged friends and family. I may need to go to wedding rehab after my big day though, TBH. And if you know someone struggling with wedding addiction, be supportive. It's not her fault she is such a romantic.

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