If Your 'True Friends' Keep Letting You Down, It's On You To Get New Friends

If Your 'True Friends' Keep Letting You Down, It's On You To Get New Friends

It's not you, it's them.


To the person who feels like they are being left out…

We've all been there. Feeling as if everyone is having fun without you and that they are excluding you on purpose. It leaves you wondering what you may (or may not) have done to deserve this treatment. It's worse than people telling you straight up that they don't want to be around you because you can tell that your so-called friends are most certainly trying their hardest to avoid you. To avoid talking to you, being near you and even making eye contact with you.

It sucks.

But you know what? Those so-called friends are people that maybe you shouldn't be hanging around with. I mean, why would you want to in the first place? Wouldn't you rather be around people that actually enjoy your presence and respect you and your ideas? I know I do! This experience is truly a test of quality over quantity; it's better to have friends who will stick by you and not talk shit behind your back over people who pick and choose when they'll be your friend.

Of course, it can get difficult at times. You question why you aren't good enough for them. In fact, I can probably tick off some of the questions you may be asking yourself: Am I annoying? Do I smell weird? Am I just too boring to be around? So many different scenarios run through your head on why you can't seem to gain these people's approval.

Eventually, you will come to realize that you're the bigger person and they're being immature and that you, in fact, aren't any of those things! One day you're going to wake up and realize that you're absolutely most positively PERFECT the way you are and the people who stick around you is the validation you were looking for in all the wrong people to show you that it's not you, it's them.

Honest to God, it's their loss that they're losing out on a great friend such as yourself. But before you go off making assumptions, talk to them first. Try and figure out what's going on in their heads. It's better to have a conversation about it than to keep hurting. Maybe you tried confronting them and there has been no change. In that case, it's time to reevaluate the relationships you have with them. Are they worth it to keep trying? If you really think you can fix things with these people, then keep working on mending the friendship. If they already dropped you, then I would say no, it's time to let them go.

Making friends and them keeping them can be hard and heartbreaking at times but once you see the positive outcome of a good friend, it becomes evident who is important in your life. As cheesy as it sounds, true friends will be there for you through thick and thin and will love you for who you are.

Get yourself some true friends. You will be much happier when you surround yourself with people who want to be with you!

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Shoutout To My Parents For Giving Me My Best Friend In The Form Of A Younger Brother

He's not as bad as I first anticipated.


This is a story about my best friend.

I was lucky enough to have a built-in bestie from the day he came home with my parents and I immediately questioned who they stole the "creature" from.

My brother's name is Andrew and he and I have always had a catty but close relationship, which has developed into something I wouldn't trade for the world.

When we were younger we were the most jocular kids you could find and spent our days running around with our school friends shooting each other with nerf guns, hiding in every corner to leap out and give the other a heart attack.

We would hang out for hours until someone antagonized the other (Andrew was always the trouble maker) and yelled for our mom to intervene, or took out our ager by practicing our yellow belt karate skills on each other until our fake punches got to be too much and we would die laughing.

I never realized how special my relationship with my brother was until I heard how my friends talked out their siblings. My friends would endlessly complain about how much they hated their brother or sister and wished they were never born; and me, being who I am, would be shocked that they used the h-word, and tell them that they must still love them which they would relentlessly deny.

Seeing these failing relationships taught me to cherish what my brother and I have, and that is honestly the most important responsibility, and gift, I could've ever been given.

Looking back, the best childhood memories I have include him, and I wouldn't have it any other way. From founding the science club (his closet that we would do experiments in, and give our friends golf balls with their name on it as a key), to sledding down a three-foot hill in our neighbor's backyard for hours, to surfing and boogie boarding until we turned to prunes, to the endless games of HORSE we played (I don't understand how I'm still terrible at basketball), he's been with me.

Since then, our relationship has blossomed into much more than snow wrestling and movie binging; now as an adult, coming home from college is the most stress relieving and exciting time, because I know I get to hang out with my brother and talk about the most obscure things until he makes me get out of his room (because teenage angst, you know!!).

Thankfully, the required familial love has turned into a never-ending love for my best friend and little brother, and I can't wait to keep growing up side by side and to see what the world has in store for us.


ANDDDD HE'S 17 (as of the 15th)https://www.instagram.com/rebecca_miller38/

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