I know many people love their families. I know many people say that their family is the most important thing to them. However, when I say this, I mean it more sincerely than anything else I could ever say.

My family has been through the wringer together. Yet, we still manage to stay close and positive, even in the hardest times. My family has supported me through every milestone in my life. They took me into their home and welcomed me with open arms, accepting me for all that I am, even though they did not have to. These people did not know me but treated me like family. These people aren't my blood family, but they sure do feel like home. And I can never thank them enough.

I love these people with everything I have, and I want to give them everything I can offer. No people are more important to me than my family. My grandma and grandaddy. My aunts and uncles and an endless line of cousins. They mean more to me than anything this world has to offer because I know at the end of the day I can always entrust in them that they will always be there for me. They will always be there to make me laugh. They will always be there to support me in all of my dreams. They will always be there to help me through the hard times in my life.

As I know my family will never turn their backs on me, I hope they know they can expect the same. I will always be there for them and support them in everything. And I love them no matter what, the same way that they have done this for me. I will offer my never-ending love and welcome them into my home, wherever I am in this world, with open arms. No matter the situation.

Thank you to my family. For being the best family anyone could ever ask for.