Troye Sivan, 23, Perth, Australia, has released his brand new album "Bloom" on August 31st,2018. The album is available world-wide on most music streaming websites and applications such as Spotify, Itunes, and Apple Music.

"Bloom" has approximately obtained an 80-90% approval rating from various magazines such as Rolling Stone, The Guardian, AllMusic, and many more. The album has charted in the Top 10 in 55 countries including The United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Switzerland, Malta, and Germany. USA Today has praised him for being undeniably gay and proud, the representation that the society of today could use. The album has often been described as pure pop and one of the best pop albums of 2018.

The album includes its very popular singles "Bloom", "Dance To This", "My My My", and "Animal". Most of these songs are the hype of the album, the ones that everyone wants to dance to. That much is true with the exeption of "Animal", this particular song is more of a slower paced song filled with emotion. Each song I feel lets the listener in on what they could expect in the upcoming album, which is exactly what singles should do- introduce the album.

The album is such a flowery and pure pop album, one that can mean something to you and at the same time make you want to dance. Something you may be able to relate to or just have the ability to see another point of view and feeling. As a pop album, I'd say its beautifully formatted and put together.

The lyrics of a song are the heart of an album, so I feel that it's important to mention how completely raw the lyrics on Troye Sivan's sophomore album really are.

In Animal the explicit lyric that hit me hard while listening to the song was...

" told you something safe
Something I've never said before
And I, I, I can't keep my hands off you"

This lyric describes such a personal and intimate moment in a romantic and frankly sexual relationship with a new partner. It's such a raw lyric that it almost throws you off. He's very bluntly talking about the feelings many would associate with the "Honey Moon" phase of a relationship. This is the point in a relationship or throughout your relationship in which you're so in love with the person that you 'can't keep your hands off each other'.

Another lyric that really caught my attention was one from the hit song "Dance To This" that features Ariana Grande. He says

"Oh, yeah, under the kitchen lights
You still look like dynamite"

This lyric is another one that really hits you because it's that 'You always look great' moments in a relationship. The context behind the lyric is that the message is really, 'We've been to so many parties lets just stay here, just us at home' which is why he references kitchen lights as one may assume he really means compared to the lights of a club/party. These examples are only a few that show the raw and emotional side of the album that attracted so many to this album.

The sound of the album is one that varies throughout which is something that can make an album attractive because that means the album is diverse.

You have songs like "Dance To This" and "My My My" that are pure dance songs with catchy lyrics that get stuck in your head for days. On the other hand, you also have songs like "Animal" and "Postcard" that edge more towards a pop ballad because of the pace and the raw emotion showcased. The vibe fits perfectly with the name of the album "Bloom" because it almost embodies a blooming flower in my mind when I wrap my head around the album as an entirety. It's very flowery and raw, in the sense that I can feel growth throughout every song.

Troye Sivan was not always a talented pop sensation from Perth when he popped into the pop culture scene he was mainly known as a Youtube star.

He had popular videos of him talking to his followers, making jokes, and some even of him singing. In 2014 he released his first single and it hit number one in various countries and his fan base was shocked in the best way possible. In 2014 everyone was itching for an album but all that was released that year was an EP called TRXYE, The album "Blue Neighbourhood" wasn't released until 2015. Come forward three years to today, he's released his second album with almost the same if not even more success for his musical career.