Trouble With The Mobile Ordering Trend

Trouble With The Mobile Ordering Trend

Why I'm not a fan of mobile delivery services.

We live in an era of extreme convenience. The era of fast-casual restaurants, online shopping, and the newly popular trend of mobile…everything. It’s become possible to accomplish pretty much everything on our smart phones. Lately, though there’s a new trend: a few different services have been created for the simple purpose of ordering, picking up, and delivering food right to our doors. Instead of having to physically go to restaurants like Chipotle and Noodles & Company, simply placing an order on a website will do all the work for us.

I don’t necessarily think that this is a bad idea; on the contrary, as someone without a car who lives on a college campus, I find the service very tempting. However, as a whole I’m not sure the idea of a delivery service for already (somewhat) fast foods like Chipotle and McDonalds is a totally sound one. I love efficiency and ease when getting food as much as the next person, but at a certain point I think we need to take a step back and see how necessary certain things really are. Sure, sometimes it would be nice not to have to get up and go to a restaurant, and it would definitely be nice to be able to get food from a restaurant that’s far away when I don’t have the car to drive there, but is the service really necessary?

I don’t want to sound like the choir of people who preach about the lack of face to face communication we have these days, but I definitely think mobile ordering is a bit on the antisocial side. Again, it’s a great and convenient service, but the way it’s gaining popularity makes me sometimes question the amount of communication we have right now.

At my university I almost always have a routine after my last class lets out: get in the sandwich line, wait about 10 or 15 minutes before I can actually order my sandwich, and all the while feel angry about the people jumping ahead in line to pick up their mobile sandwich orders. It’s a forever repeating process because there is always a long line and always a million online-ordered sandwiches that have to be made before mine. And no matter how many times it happens, I never decide to switch things up and order my sandwich online. Something about it seems kind of off to me. Do I really need such speed and ease that I won’t wait in the line in front of the sandwich place? Do I really just not want to have to interact with the really nice ladies behind the sandwich counter?

I don’t know all the reasons people use mobile ordering, and I can’t warrant judgment that the practice as a whole is bad, antisocial, lazy, etc. I do think it’s innovative, and definitely makes life a little easier and more comfortable.

However, there are certain things that I think we simply don’t need…and mobile ordering is one of these things. Maybe sometimes we can just deal with long sandwich lines or deal with not having Chipotle because we can’t get to it or deal with having to actually drive to McDonalds to pick up food. I think that maybe sometimes we need little inconveniences in life, so we can appreciate all things we already have that make life a bit easier.

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What You Do Does Not Define Who You Are

You are more.

So often our small talk with strangers or conversations with new friends include the questions, “Do you go to school?” “Where do you work?” “What are you studying?”. With the answers to these three questions, we are able to formulate our opinion and first impression of that person within a short 7 seconds. We determine if we think they’re lazy, motivated or intelligent by just a few, very shallow questions. It’s the way our society runs, and it is how it is and there’s nothing we can do about it besides accept it. Right?

When we start to view ourselves the way we think other people view us, that’s when the red flag should go up and sirens should sound. The essence of who we are will never be defined by our answers to those trivial questions, nor should we let our answers dictate how we live our lives. If we are letting what people think about us change the course of our lives, then we need to do some serious re-evaluating.

We do it more often than we realize, and more than we care to admit. We might go to college because we think it’s what we are supposed to do, even though we have no clue what we actually want to do. We might study a certain subject because it’s what our parents told us to do, and it makes the most money. We might work at a job we hate because it will look good on a resume. But if we’re doing these things because society tells us to and not because it’s what we have chosen for ourselves, have we lost sight of who we really are?

So often I find myself letting my answers to these questions define me. College student. Studying business. Working in an office job. Thankfully, I’ve chosen these things for myself and although it gets repetitive, I’m grateful for these things in my life. But is that all I am? A college student studying business who works in an office? Not at all. And it shouldn’t define me, and it doesn’t make me superior or inferior to anyone else.

If I wanted to, I could have chosen not to go to a university and started working full time at a job I loved. I could have gone to trade school. I could have given up all worldly possessions and traveled the world. I could have done any of these things, and still, none of it would define me. It wouldn’t have mattered how many crazy looks I would have gotten if I decided to live out of my car on the road.

It wouldn’t have mattered how mad my parents would have been if I didn’t attend school and chose to work instead. None of it would have mattered because none of those things define who I am. None of those things define who you are.

You are defined by your heart. Your character. Your passions.

You are defined by what makes you laugh, what makes you cry. Your likes, your dislikes, your loves, and your hates.

You are defined by your beliefs and your dreams. Your insecurities and your greatest attributes.

You are defined by the love of the God who created you.

You are defined by who you are now and who you hope to become.

All of that and more is the very core of who you are. Don’t ever let anyone or anything, or any answer to a silly question, define who you are.

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I Successfully Lost My iPhone At A Frat Party

If you think you had a rough weekend, wait till you hear about mine.

Let me take you back to how the weekend started. My best friend from my hometown, Taylor, decided to come stay with me Friday night. I was super pumped because I had not seen her since Christmas break.

When she got to Mississippi State, we got a chance to catch up and I showed her around my beautiful campus

We had planned to go out that night, to a fraternity party, with a bunch of my girlfriends that go here. Taylor and I got dressed, put our makeup on and headed over to my friend’s dorm. When we got there the night really started to pick up. We were all laughing, playing games, and drinking... juice. Drinking juice is fun, especially when you are going out! I had a lot of juice that night and that could partially be blamed for the unfortunate outcome that was to occur.

Once we reached the frat house, safely because we don’t drink juice and drive, the fun began. We were all having a great time dancing to the songs the DJ was playing. Our dancing was terrible, might I add.

The night took a turn for the worst when I reached to my back pocket to get my phone and realizing it wasn’t there. I froze for a moment, not sure what to do. After a few seconds, I lost it, searching the ground, running into people, looking all over like a crazy lady.

Looking everywhere on the ground, in the dark with a dancing crowd is hard enough as is, but still being fuzzy because of all the juice consumed did not help either.

After looking high and low for my phone, I started to ask around to see if anyone had seen it. Do you know how hard it is to ask these frat brothers, who have all indulged in a lot of juice, if they have found an iPhone? With all else failing, my good friend, Shelby went up to the DJ stand, grabbed the mike and announced to the whole party that my phone was missing and if anyone see’s it to return it immediately. If that isn’t a true friend, I don’t know what is. By the end of the night, I was phone-less, ID-less, credit card- less, and sad. This is how I successfully lost my phone at a frat party.

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