Friday the 13th just rolled around a couple of days ago and every year, I continue to be amazed by America’s obsession, or rather fear of the number 13, especially Friday the 13th.

It was once estimated that in 85% of hotels, “floor 13” doesn’t exist, which to me, makes absolutely no sense. Technically there is a 13th floor. It’s just renumbered to be the 14th floor. It’s not like there’s a vacant 13th floor and we just skip over it. So, in that case, why does it matter if it’s numbered 13 or not? What’s the worst that can happen?

Hospitals also skip the 13th floor. And often times, even airports omit gate number 13.

About two or so years ago, I accidentally knocked over a glass bottle and it fell on the floor shattering. Of course, everyone’s first reaction was “OH MY GOD IT’S BECAUSE FRIDAY THE 13TH OH MY GOD.”

Being the person I am, I looked at them and rolled my eyes. I don’t believe in a “bad luck number.”

Because of this weird superstition derived from number 13, several companies give their employees Friday the 13th off. Flights are cheaper because people are too scared to fly that day. The fear of Friday the 13th is to blame for an approximately $900 MILLION loss in businesses all around the world. THAT’S INSANE.

This all doesn’t make sense to me, to be completely honest. A psychology professor from Saybrook University known by the name Stanley Krippner explained this phenomenon: “People are hard-wired to find meaning in various patterns, connections and perceptions. They need someone or something to blame when stuff goes wrong, and numbers are an easy target.”

At the end of the day, just remember that you can either give in to fear or you can choose to overcome it. 13 is just a number. I promise it won’t matter what day it was when the glass bottle shattered. It was just meant to be. Remember that bad things will happen when they are decreed to happen, not when Friday the 13th rolls around.