10 Awesome Benefits Of Being Trilingual
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Being trilingual means having the ability for a person to speak three languages fluently. For many, it seems like a daunting process to reach the goal of having such high command in three languages. It definitely isn't easy, that is for sure. But like my very own mother once told me, everything that requires hard work and sacrifice gives the best most rewarding results.

Sure, it is difficult to gain fluency in three languages, but the time and sacrifice in the long run is worth it. That's why I am here to tell you the benefits of speaking three languages.

1.You become a different person with every language you master.

The beauty of acquiring a new language is the new soul that comes with it. Every language has different idioms, different color terms, etc., which makes you appreciate the beauty much more. For example, Russian has two terms for blue; there is a way of saying "light blue" and "dark blue" with totally different words. Learning Russian would lead you to think more deeply about the world and what composes it. French is famous for its romantic phrases, and learning French will help you acquire a romantic soul. Not to mention, you also begin to understand cultural references. Virtually, you become so full of culture!

2. Multilingualism could open opportunities for jobs.

When individuals put down more than one language in the language section of an application, they become much more employable since they can communicate with so many more customers who do not speak English.

3. You find a connection in history, art, literature, but most importantly, your heritage.

Speaking the language of your heritage connects you to your family members who might not possibly speak English. My ability to speak Spanish fluently allows me to dig deeper into my heritage; it gives me a sense of national pride.

Not everything is in English! Learning a new language will come in handy when you read literature in a different language, or when you study art history.

4. You become smarter! Seriously!

A study performed in 2004 found out that those who speak more than two languages have higher cognitive thinking abilities.

5. It'll decrease your chances of dementia!

It is already known that reading decreases your chances of getting dementia in old age, but the same goes for knowing more than one language! A study was conducted in 2012 by UC San Diego that found that, of the 44 elderly participants who could speak both Spanish and English, those with higher levels of proficiency in both languages were less likely to develop dementia or Alzheimer's.

6. You will appreciate cultures much more.

If you plan on traveling, learning another might be very useful. You travel to experience other climates, cultures, etc. but if you know the language of the culture, you will find much more beauty in it.

7. You'll boost your memory!

You'll give your brain a workout trying to remember all the grammar rules and vocabulary.

8. You'll probably be much more attractive to some people.

I mean, who does not want somebody who has the ability to communicate in three languages?

9. You'll learn to appreciate phrases that are lost in translation.

10. You'll be able to interact and connect with other people around the globe easily.

Traveling to France? Know French? Who knows! You could possibly find your soulmate at a lovely Parisian café, if you know a little French!

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