I'm a swimmer. I've been swimming since I was about two years old and it has basically been the sport I have been participating ever since then. I swam competitively in middle school, joined my high school team, and swam on the UCF team for a semester.

However, ever since I stopped swimming at UCF, I have been itching to join a team again - that's originally why I started swimming at UCF, but I wasn't happy with how the team was set up. Over the summer, one of my coworkers was talking about joining the water polo team at UCF because she had done it for three years in high school. After some time I started thinking: Hey, maybe I could join the team as well.

I've never played water polo before in my life, I knew the basics and I'm a pretty decent swimmer, but I knew nothing about how the mechanics work, how long the games are, what type of plays can occur during the play time, etc. I figured I would just go for the first week and see what happened. If I liked it I would keep playing and if it didn't work out I could find something else to use my time for.

The first week was terrifying. Most of the girls on the team had three or more years of playing experiences and the practices were long and intimidating. The swim sets were harder than what I was used to and I had no idea any of the formations for practice shooting or anything of the sort.

Eventually, it started clicking for me in my head and after a few weeks, I was able to start keeping up with the other girls that were on the team. Our first tournament is this weekend and I'm excited to see what I am able to do during my first playing time.