What is one thing your parents or friend's parents did when you were younger that made you think, "uck they are so old! I'm never going to do that when I grow up."?

For myself, my parents always listened to books-on-tape in the car. My mom would go to the library in our neighboring city and check out literally a big beach bag full of books-on-tape. And then they upgraded to CD's.

And now at 22-years-old I argue and debate with my parents about what book we should buy or rent next on our Audible. Yes I use my parent's Audible account. Sue me.

Another thing that maybe your parents did or do that you never thought you would do yourself, shopping for bulk at Costco. When I was younger I never understood the concept of paying money for ten toothbrushes when all I needed was one. Going to Costco was a big event for my parents who had a full house of people. And so when we went to Costco it wasn't a quick 10 minute trip. Oh no! But going to Costco with my parents was the ultimate game of hide and seek between me and the free samples.

But now at 22, living with boys I live for the deals! Seriously if I can get shaving cream in a pack of four for the same price of two at Walmart I'm all over it! Buying in bulk is now my saving grace.

Did your mom or dad or parent's always seem to have EVERYTHING you needed at a moments notice? It's like their purse was the bag from fricken Mary Poppins! Band-aids, Ibuprofen, Tums, Sanitizer, tissues, chap stick, snacks, bug spray, sunscreen....The list is endless!

And now you find a little sense of joy when you find a miniature anything that can fit in your purse just in case your pits are ripe and need some deodorant. Praise whoever created those little deodorants that fit perfectly into your purse and look discrete!

OH and we can't forget Podcasts! Or news radio. What ever you listen to now that gives you information you never knew you needed! As a kid I didn't even want to listen to my teachers. So why would I want to listen to some chick or dude giving me life advice?

And now you live for Jillian Michaels, podcasts and you can quote "Glorious In The Mundane" with Christy Nockels.

Take a look at some of the everyday things that you do. Whether that be how you drive to how you respond to stressful situations. Maybe you can relate how you function in certain situations to how your parents or parent figures used to. Things that you never thought you would do when you got older but you look back now and realize that you are basically your parents.