5 Things Older Generations Can Learn From Generation Z
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Politics and Activism

5 Things Older Generations Can Learn From Generation Z

We can all learn from each other.

5 Things Older Generations Can Learn From Generation Z

All generations have their own interesting qualities and contributions to the world; which most of the time teaches younger generation’s key skills for living their lives successfully. However, not only do the older generations have assets to teach the young, but the younger generations have things to teach the older generations, too! Generation Z is the generation spanning from 1995-2015. In this time period there has been many different changes that have occurred to shape our thoughts on the future and the now. We have gone through our first big terrorist attack, our first African American President, a recession, and the development of a large amount of technology. From these life-altering events, our generation has five different characteristics that can help the older generations learn and grow; please allow us to return the favor.

  • Acceptance/ Open-mindedness
  • Striving for Better and Less Expensive Higher Education
  • Utilization of Technology
  • Being Cynical isn’t a Bad Thing
  • Charitability

In recent years we have come across a lot of “political” and personal issues that have been extremely controversial and have upset older generations largely. Our generation has been accepting and open to those who are wanting to engage in same-sex marriage, trans-gender bathrooms, women’s rights, abortion, and different sexuality and identification. It is important to remember, no matter what your religion, that is their OWN cross to bear. If you believe in God, remember that they are the ones to answer to him on judgement day. If you don’t believe in God, but think it's wrong, remember that it DOESN’T affect you directly. It is also important, on a more personal level, to accept other’s situations. It may not be something you agree with or how you would live your life, but accepting another’s life and their decisions with less judgement and more love and understanding creates a better atmosphere for individuals to open up and be themselves in a world that has been morphed into a poor atmosphere where it’s hard to express yourself in any way.

It is important to all of us that we get a top notch education. Any more, anything less is value-less. Not only is that important, but it’s important to us to get it for the least-amount of money possible. Our generation focuses on receiving scholarships for sports and grades, and saving money from jobs or other money-attracting occasions to help pay off the loans, books, room and board. We have become a thrifty generation after experiencing the recession and continue to alter our lives to become successful and wealthy to avoid experiencing our parents’ issues.

Our generation can easily be coined as the technology centered generation. Some of us who were born towards the beginning of the generation, had a little bit of time to wait to find out the answer for certain questions, but for most of all of our lives we have had the answers to anything right at our fingertips. Yes, it has slowed creativity and stopped some face-to-face communication, but in the long run technology is GOOD. Technology speeds up most processes and has provided wonderful answers in the science world. Technology has saved lives from having the ability to call for help or being able to invent a cure/vaccine for an infectious disease. It can be complicated and hard to get used to, but for the most part it has done great things for this world, and no one should have to be afraid or intimidated by using it; even if it takes your whole life to get used to.

When someone is described as cynical, It is usually used in a poor context. However, being untrustworthy and weary of new people or certain situations isn’t a terribly bad thing. After 9/11 and all of the different terrorist acts that have happened since we’ve been alive, we rarely trust individuals. We lock our cars, our houses, everything we own up in safes. We do not think that it’s possible for individuals to be sincere and have integrity. We are focused on our own future goals and our self- interests, not so much of those who surround us. We know that if we can pursue our goals, we can change lives. We aren’t co reliant on those who may not be there when we need someone to lean on.

Our generation is more willing to give to those who are in need instead of keep that money for ourselves. It is often that you find us listening to those who support animal rights, donating to food banks, or giving the man on the side of the road an extra dollar or a meal. It means a lot to most of us to give more than you receive. We have started to rely on the concept of Karma, and what comes around goes around. We are convinced we will see that repaid to us some day in some way. Even if we don’t, we can still feel good that we are the bigger person who went out of our way to help someone out.

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