On August 18,1949 in Herzogenaurach Germany, the brand Adidas was founded by Adolf Dassler. The first logo Adidas had was the three stripes. When Adidas began to become recognized, its famous trefoil logo was developed in 1972 when Germany hosted the Olympic Games in Munich. After that, another logo developed known as the original three striped logo and was launched in 1997. Although there are three different logos, the trefoil logo to this day is one of the most recognized logos. To read and here more history about the Adidas brand check out the link from Adidas here: https://www.adidas-group.com/en/group/profile/

I myself am a fan of the trefoil logo of Adidas and the brand in general. Roughly half of my wardrobe is filled with the trefoil logo. In my opinion, I find the trefoil logo to look much better than the logo with the three stripes. I started adding Adidas apparel in my wardrobe two years ago, but this past year I have grown a special love for the trefoil logo.

Adidas has the mission to be the best sports company in the world. As a kid, I always remember buying all my gear with the Adidas brand: the cleats, shinguard, shorts, and socks were all Adidas. I was so happy when a brand new Adidas Original store opened up in Wicker Park last winter. You can often find me at that store too!

Despite the different logos Adidas has come up with, there is no denying that people can recognize them. It truly is a brand that deserves to be worn. Unlike the Nike logo with the simple check mark, I believe that Adidas has more of a history and has a more unique logo (sorry Nike fans!) Plus, college students can get 15% off their online orders when they verify their student status! How neat is that? The Adidas trefoil logo will always have a special place in my heart.