Traveling To Tanzania - 5 Things You Need To Know

Traveling To Tanzania - 5 Things You Need To Know

Traveling To Tanzania

The East African country of Tanzania has a lot to offer to the holidaying visitor or the diehard wildlife enthusiast. Before you go however, do keep these points in mind.

  1. Think about why you want to go on a holiday- Tanzania is known for many things, but mostly for its wildlife. Tanzania safari tours don’t come cheap and you need to make a commitment of money and time, if you want to enjoy the experience in full. Go to Tanzania to experience animals up close and personal. They don’t talk about the Big 5 without meaning the BIG FIVE! A good safari will give you the chance to see and observe the lion, the Cape buffalo, the rhino, elephant and elusive leopard. Safaris can get bumpy and rough and you will have to deal with bugs and insects- you need to be okay with these things and not let anything come between you and your great holiday experience.
  2. Don’t look only at the five star experience- while some of the best luxury hotels are present in Tanzania, the whole point of the holiday is to get to the core of the country; its people and their culture. With more than 100 ethnic groups, each with its own practices, culture and cuisine, there’s so much to learn and see. Most tours come with opportunities for conversations and interactions. Make sure you don’t miss out on the chance. From the Chagga to the Maasai, every tribe has its own way of life. When you visit the Makonde, you’ll be mesmerized by their unique black wood carvings. The Haya tribe works with pottery and metal. Like we said, every tribe has its own tradition and you’ll do well to immerse yourself in this way of life. There is much learning to be had. Camp in tents in parks, live in lodges in villages and learn a way of life that’s colorful and vibrant.
  3. Animals are the easiest to spot when it is dry weather. Animals tend to group at watering holes and the foliage isn’t so thick that animals can hide. This is between June and September and constitutes the peak tourist season. Rates are high, national parks are also full. Between March and May, it’s low season for Tanzania. It rains quite a bit and roads are muddy and cannot be easily traversed. Not all hotels are open. Those that are offer discounts. The landscape is beautiful, lush and green. But movement is difficult.Between December and January too there are premium prices for tours and hotels. If you’re comfortable with crowds and desirous of seeing animals, then the high season is when you need to go. Watch out for deals and discounts and make the most of your trip.
  4. Exercise caution while travelling- Tanzania is a safe country, but like in any part of the world, there are unsavory elements everywhere. Be careful while traversing the country, travel in groups or with guides. Dress with caution too, and avoid public displays of affection. Do not carry too much money or valuables when you venture out. It is important to respect the culture and sentiments of the country you’re traveling to and these precautions will keep you comfortable.
  5. Carry your medicines- if you’re experiencing Tanzania weather and conditions for the first time, it can be overwhelming. The dust, heat, mosquitoes and noise can all add to your experience and to your stress levels too. Carry your medical kit to take care of any health issue you may have. Make sure you have medication for travel sickness, pain, stomach ailments and the like. Insect repellants are a good buy too.

Enjoy the Tanzanian experience.

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Being In A Toxic Relationship Has Impacted Any Type Of Relationship I Now Have

Trust me, I'm working hard on it.


Let me just start this off by saying that, I'm keeping this short and to the point. Also that, it's not that I'm not over it but it's something that will haunt me. With that being said, I was in the worst relationship for like a year and half and while we broke up almost three years ago, the negative thoughts still haunt me every now again.

So three years later seems like a long time to forget everything and move on, but the truth is while you do move on, you don't forget. You don't forget how they made you feel and how they made you look at the world. So naturally once the smallest, silliest thing happens with anybody I have any type of relationship with platonic or romantic, BOOM, you start to assume the worst and eventually ruin connections to people.

Like for instance, my ex used to just ignore me because he knew that it bothered me and got to me. Now, after that relationship, whether it's a friend or classmate or whomever, I automatically assume that because it's been a little while since I've heard from them, that means that they're ignoring me. Even though, I know that they're probably just busy with work or school or whatever it may be. I mean, we're all adults, we have responsibilities. My mind shouldn't go to, they're ignoring me.

I was blamed for every single "bad" thing that happened, there were no if, and or buts about it. Now, whenever something happens even if I know there's to way that it could be my fault, my mind automatically goes to what did I do? Like if my ex was having a bad day, it was my fault, even if I hadn't seen him all day... It actually takes me a minute to calm down and tell myself that I didn't do anything before I'm back to myself.

I don't open up to my friends and family like I used to, because the second I opened up to my ex, he used every thing I said to throw in my face.

So now whenever I''m talking to somebody I'm super quiet all the time and no one really knows anything about me and it keeps me pretty distant from every one in my life.

Staying quiet also means no communication, and that's a major part of any type of relationship. I stay quiet because I'm not really sure if I can fully trust the other person, even if they have given me absolutely no reason for me not to trust them.

I don't trust people for multiple reasons but a major one is because I'm afraid of being used again. I was used for way more things than I would like to admit and I ended up looking dumber than Karen Smith from Mean Girls.

On top of all of that, I feel like I'm always apologizing for things that don't need an apology. I guess I'm so used to automatically saying it that I don't even realize the word slips out of my mouth until after I say it or until I get asked why I'm sorry.

The word sorry shouldn't be a reflex.

But trust me, I'm working on it. I'm working on not assuming the worst when the smallest thing happens. I working on trusting the other person in any type of situation. I working on my communication. It's not all day, everyday that I think or act like that but it happens more often than I would like, which is crazy.

And I know I'm not the only one who acts like this and trust me, we're all trying our hardest.

Just a small piece of advice, you never know what people have been through, even if they talk a little about it, you'll never know completely what they've heard or seen. So please just be patient and understanding and give them some time. It doesn't hurt to ask how they're feeling, what's on their mind or what you can do for them, when you know that they aren't acting like themselves.

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