Traveling with someone is a bonding experience. I have known my sister for my entire life and we were always close. But traveling with each other for a week without anyone else taught me a lot. Here are some thoughts on that.

1. My sister is the best travel partner

Traveling can be stressful. Something will always go wrong, even when you plan for the worst, best, and whatever is in between. But traveling with someone who has seen me in everyone situation was one of the most comforting things I could have asked for. She already knows when I am upset without asking and can tell if I need space, a hug, or to eat (hangry is a real thing people!).

2. Packing is so much easier

Did you think you could get through a sister's article on Odyssey without me mentioning sharing clothes? NO! Packing for traveling abroad means packing light! That is so much easier when you can just share everything! Clothes, shoes, makeup. Literally anything. Also, if you forget something, don't worry, your sister will probably have it somewhere in her suitcase.

3. She's all grown up

I feel like I always just see my little sister as just that, little. I connect her to memories of when we were kids and forget that she is an adult now and completely capable of handling herself without my parents or me holding her hand. It was like seeing your teacher in a grocery store. It takes a second to process but then you realize that they're just normal people too.

4. We are more than just sisters

I'm not saying we weren't really close before this trip but I definitely think there's more to our relationship though than just sisters now. People often confuse sisters for close. Being sisters is just a relation in which people have with one another. Being friends is a relationship that people choose with one another. I am grateful that this person I have known my whole life is my sister and that she has become one of my closest friends.