Traveling Done Right During Summer
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Traveling Done Right During Summer

Summer Vacations You Will Remember Forever

Traveling Done Right During Summer

Do you know what kind of traveler you are? Have you ever gone on a short trip via airplane and realize the second you are about to get into your seat that you might have packed a little too much because your bag doesn’t quite fit in the upper head compartment? Or have you had to pack a little bit of everything because your trips ranged from very casual to very extravagant?

Good news for you, it doesn’t take much energy to be ready for a vacation. The most important thing to remember on your journey is to make some great memories.

My mother has been a world traveler since she was able to financially support herself. She has been to countless countries and 6 continents, She wrote a book on independent travel and is planning on writing another as a mother traveling with children. Her traveling name, as quirky as it sounds, is Dr. Mary Travelbest. I applaud her for presuming an alternate identity when abroad because it forces her to be in the moment on her journey rather than worry about her work life. She has given me a lot of advice about traveling abroad or in your own country or state, but something I learned on my own is how much I enjoy it.

For those of you who are not yet experienced travelers, here are a few tips from myself to you:

Do some research.

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Especially if you are going out of the country for the first time! Get your passport renewed at least 2 months ahead of time, look up the languages and cultural norms of that country and figure out if there is a different system of currency. Research never killed anyone. I mean other than Marie Curie.

Be prepared for anything. You might run out of money faster than you thought, or your bags might get lost from one destination to the other. But don’t worry, those can always be replaced.

If you are packing, do not pack your favorites just in case your bag does happen to get stolen, lost or misplaced. Your favorite items can be replaced, but you will always remember where your stuff got taken.

Also, if you are packing, leave a bit of space for special knick-knacks that you might pick up along the way for yourself and your family. Remember: people always love when you bring them knick-knacks. ALWAYS.

Only bring the necessities. If you are planning a short trip, try limiting your accessories, shoes and number of clothing items. You will be happier with less stuff and it will give you more room to pack the gifts for your friends and family.

People like it when you try to speak their language if there is a language barrier. So attempt to speak their language, but give them a warning that it is not your first language in case you say something royally wrong and insult them or yourself.

Separate work from vacation. When you are on vacation, have fun and don’t try to think about what happened the past few days at work or what monstrous mound of documents you will have to look over when you come back from your vacation.

Explore places that are not on tourist maps. You will be surprised to see what more you can learn about a countries culture other than from the typical touristy areas.

Have fun. If you don’t travel very often, take this for granted and spoil yourself. Cross things off of your bucket list and feel alive in a place where you are not familiar with.

Just a reminder, these are only a few tips I can give to you before your trips. The rest, you will just have to learn on your own. I wish you all a happy and safe travel to your special vacation spot this summer.

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