Traveling Alone And The PAX East 2017 Experience
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Traveling Alone And The PAX East 2017 Experience

My bucket list has been checked!

Traveling Alone And The PAX East 2017 Experience
PAX East 2017

I have never traveled out of state alone until March 10th. It was the first day of PAX East, and it was held in Boston, Massachusetts.

I bought a 6:50 AM bus ticket and boarded on the Megabus. The wait was not long, and I went up the stairs on the double decker bus. I decided to sit next to the window for a good view of the outside. A big man sat next to me, so it was a bit cramped. Unfortunately, he smelled like Halal food, but luckily, it did not last long. The overall bus ride was not too nightmarish, but it was not great either. The heater was on for the whole ride, and even with my jacket off, it felt too warm. The AC was not functional either. This made me more glad I sat next to the window.

My sleep was all over the place. My legs started to ache a bit because of the limited leg space, and it was still slightly cramped. Fortunately, the aching started when we were 30 minutes away.

We arrived at South Station Boston at 11:30 AM, 40 minutes late, and I took an Uber to the Boston Convention. Because I was not sure where the entrance was, I was dropped off at the back. I was told to go around, which did not bother me, but it was still snowing. The line was not long to get in, and everything went smoothly.

Compared to the crowd at New York Comic Con at Javits Center, PAX East seemed like it had slightly fewer people. It was probably due to the fact that it was slightly larger and more spacious.

I went to the Expo Hall and into the PAX Arena to watch a Rocket League Tournament. Rocket League is a type of soccer/football game, but rather than using people, it uses small cars to bounce and bump around a ball. The competition was really intense because the prize was $5000. During breaks, they played really loud dubstep, trap music, and other genres under the same umbrella.

Sadly, I was not able to get much footage because I was lazy and tired, but overall, I mostly walked around looking and playing some video games. I talked to random folks at the convention while playing games, and everyone was lighthearted and nice.

Later in the afternoon, my close friend finally made it to the convention. It was late, but it did not matter. She arrived with a semi-popular Pokemon YouTuber named MunchingOrange and his friends, also semi-popular YouTubers. I only know their first names however. Everyone was pretty chill and active. On the other hand, my friend and I were starving. We walked around the Expo Hall, and we relaxed at the Handheld Lounge. We were patient, but we finally ventured out for dinner.

We took an Uber to an Italian Restaurant, and we had a good time just talking and having some small fun. We headed back into the Airbnb place they were staying. By the time we got there, it was only around ten, and my bus would leave in four hours.

For a while, I was keeping my friend occupied by making sure she fell asleep while half of the group was getting ready for the Twitch Party. Disappointingly, it was a month before I turned 21. The group bought alcohol to pregame (drink before going to a party), and they were loud. Eventually, they left for the party. Then the second half of the group arrived to change clothes, much to my friend's dismay. They left after a couple of minutes, but my friend went to the bathroom to wash up and change. We started talking about random stuff and singing some tunes from Moana. Before we knew it, it was midnight, and the second half of the group returned. She gave up, and we just continued talking and singing until the next hour.

An hour before my bus left, I requested an Uber to go to South Station. It took almost 15 minutes because not many cars were around at that time. I hugged my friend and went back to the station. I was able to make it to my bus.

The ride back to New York took two hours less than going to Boston, which was quite surprising. We got off at Chinatown, and I was welcomed by a powerful icy chilling weather. At 5:30 AM, I was walking in the empty streets of Chinatown to get to the train back home. By 6:30 AM, I finally made it home. I took a shower because I felt disgusting, and I collapsed in bed to catch up on my sleep.

Overall, traveling outside of New York was not scary at all. The bus ride experience could have been much better, but then again, when was it even great? Being in Boston was pretty decent, too. The grid system, however, is completely different from New York City. Boston's layout is similar to a circle while New York City is more like a rectangle. PAX East was slightly underwhelming, but I guess I have to go all three days to get the most out of it. Regardless, it was a nice experience, and if I had more money, I would definitely go all three days and get a hotel.

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